Mad Max Fiction.

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Mad Max Fiction.

Postby Slugger » Tue Mar 18, 2003 1:24 am

Anyone know if theres gonna be any tie in novels after the film?

I'd love to read some original Mad Max FictionImage
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Mad Max Fiction.

Postby Uncle Entity » Tue Mar 18, 2003 9:21 am


Welcome to the board. Or I would say: "ALL ABOARD !!!!!!!!!!"

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The section called "DO THE TELL" - then, let me know...
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Mad Max Fiction.

Postby Plain_MAD » Tue Mar 18, 2003 3:04 pm

Yeah, but they ain't exactly cannon now are they.
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Mad Max Fiction.

Postby rockatansky4073 » Wed Mar 19, 2003 7:52 am

It wouldn't surprise me if there were comics or something, have you noticed they do that nowdays, back in the 80's it usually had to come from a comic first, then they'd make the movie, then more comics, but now you can make the movie then make comics, and they sell too.

sh*t ,two months after i saw FROM DUSK TILL DAWN back in 1996, there was a comic out of it. never lasted but nontheless there was a comic, they did it with the TEXAS CHAINSAW's , ELM STREETS , and F13th's too, plus that BUFFY bullsh*t.
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