MM1: U.S. Overdubs vs. Original

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MM1: U.S. Overdubs vs. Original

Postby Jason Carlton » Wed Jul 07, 1999 3:53 am

There's a lot to be said that's crap about the American dub of MM1 (i.e. the bad Clint Eastwood style

voiceover for Gibson). However, when it comes to sound effects and other voiceovers, I feel the U.S. dub

takes the cake. To start with, the Nightriders actual voice in the original sounds like a pip-squeak

compared to his gravel voiced growl in the overdub. In the opening chase of the original, I can hardly

make out the memoranda readings over the police radio - it just becomes a distraction. Atleast the U.S.

overdub makes it clear what's being said. When the U.S. overdub adds to the script for radio

announcements like, "Come-on Goose where are you?" - it becomes more interesting to listen to.

When Max rams the Interceptor into Nightriders stolen wheels, the original sounds like garbage

cans rubbing together. The U.S. version just sounds more convincingas a bumper to bumper sound.

I believe somebody said the engine of the Big Bopper pursuit wouldn't make a gunning sound while stationary,

as in the overdub. Didn't it lurch a few inches as Charlie gunned it? It sounds much more tough to have

Roop yell over the engine, anyway. Last thing - in the MM2 trailer feature on the new

reissue, doesn't Hummongous have a different speaking voice than in the Road Warrior version?

The original sounds weaker there as well. Just my opinion - could be wrong...
Jason Carlton
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Re: MM1: U.S. Overdubs vs. Original

Postby andre N » Wed Jul 07, 1999 4:15 am

In Reply to: MM1: U.S. Overdubs vs. Original posted by Jason Carlton on July 07, 1999 at 11:53:56:

You've got good points. The text of the radio voice adds significantly to "feel" of the movie.

The references to the slang "bronze", gas trading by MFP (alluding to rationing), pursuit protocol all (to me) just slightly allude to a world going down the tube. One reviewer captured it well when he said to the effect" MM1 was more interesting because it was on the edge of Anarchy, MM2 was all there". So it is very important for the movies feel to hear all of that.

I also agree that the actor who dubbed who did TC was fantastic.

Last point. I was the guy who said Charlie didn;t gun it. I'll have to retrieve my Oz version from a friend, but I'm pretty sure if you watch, when the car lurches, it is more because he jams on the brakes than gunning it. As a Ford fan (and V8 owner), if memory serves correct, the sound you hear would have been consistent with a leap forward. In the movie, charlie is letting it roll fwd idling, and jamming the brakes on, causing the lurch.

Check it out and so will I. Great fun to discuss these ultimately trivial points!!
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