Landau dash questions

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Landau dash questions

Postby Dave D » Sat Jan 11, 2003 10:28 pm


I've just bought some guy's XB project rolling shell from him for a reasonable price & it came with a heap of interior parts including a full Landau interior. The front seats have been fully re-trimmed & all the rest is in fair condition... Since I now have 2 XB's one a very good complete XB & one rolling shell (complete with factory fitted rear window rust) I plan on making the complete one into a street XB (I leaning toward putting the full Landau interior into this one) & the shell into an Interceptor, I thinking somewhere between MM1 & MM2 so with the big rear tanks but with a full front & 2 seats..

But my question revolves around the Landau dash. I haven't catalogued all the trim parts yet as there are heaps. Not including the Landau one I now have 2 full GT dash's, & a standard set of gauges plus spare switches & knobs etc . The Landau dash however has a few empty holes in it. I've most likely got all the parts in the bit's box BUT I've never seen a Landau in the flesh before so I don't know what the full dash should look like.

Does anyone have any good pictures of the Landau interior, specifically the dash close up. Or can anyone tell me the following:

1. There's a black push button switch under the light switch on the right hand side what he do?? is it an add on from standard??

2. Next to the Cigarette lighter there's a rectangular hole what goes in there? is it an add on from standard??

3. Below the above rectangular hole is a turn knob switch with a circular arrow on it what's he do?? is it an add on from standard??

Lastly the dash doesn't have a tacho, it has a large clock, did they all have just a clock or was there a tacho option???, I rather know what rev's I pulling than the time.


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Landau dash questions

Postby XAMan » Sun Jan 12, 2003 2:37 am

Hi Dave

My ... who's a lucky boy then ...

Sadly I haven't had much to do with the P5 LTD/Landau ... I've had three P6's (the XC/ZH based 'Rolls Royce' front model) ... I was able to pick up a suplement for the factory Fairlane manual covering the LTD and it had some great exploded diagrams of all of the dash / air con control / differences so maybe there is one for the P5?

I just had a look at the reference books here at home but ... you guessed it ... no dash shots except for a blurry reprint of an old Modern Motor review.

From that pic:

1 There doeasn't seem to be anything under the light switch but of course the steering wheel is in the way!

2 & 3 Can't be seen on the pic

The Clock is standard ...

Here is some of the text that might be useful ...

"The driver is well looked after with comprehensive instrumentation including 12/24 hour clock. The main instruments - speedometer and gagues for water temperature, fuel and oil pressure - are all grouped immediately in front of the drive an clearly visable through the steering wheel.

The clock balances the setting, off to the left.

Next to the parking brake release along the bottom edge of the dash panel is the front/rear speaker balance control, the cigar lighter and a rocker switch and warning light for the heated rear screen.

The left wrap-around section of the dash houses an air conditioning outlet, an ashtray and the wiper/washer switch. The right hand edge of the dash has another air outlet and the light switch."

Hope that helps.

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