Ebay video

Like the name says...

Ebay video

Postby meat_popsical » Thu Nov 28, 2002 1:30 pm


Its a video on how to make a replica interceptor!!!!!!

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Ebay video

Postby FalconGTHO » Fri Nov 29, 2002 1:27 am

ImageGordon can tell you all about it though.
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Ebay video

Postby Intceptbuilder » Sun Dec 01, 2002 10:49 pm


This is the "Last Interceptor to Los Angeles" video. The video is about the Los Angeles replica and does show the replica in quite some detail, but it is not a guide on how to assemble one.


However quite a few people have found that the information is very helpful, because although the video is not aimed at replica builders, rather the target audience is people who are fans of the car its self. The video does show many angles and aspects of the replica that would be helpful to a replica builder.

From the monza nose (movie correct) to the roof spoiler (a replica of my 1982 Errol Platt fitted - from the original mould roof spoiler) to the rear spoiler (smaller than the "cobra" item so often used). The only aspect that we did not incorporate in the replica Pursuit special Interceptor is the air conditioner driven blower motor, we got to within a few hours of having that hooked up, and abandoned it as it was heavy, cumbersome, over complex, untidy, and restricted the engine bay room for no good reason. Our solution can be seen on the video. I honestly believe that our replicas are the most accurate ever built.

Anyhow no one needs to take my word for it, if you look at the "Last Interceptor to Los Angeles" video and then other replicas, then our replica, then the movie car, the accuracy is easy to see.

The only change from the Los Angeles replica to the Washington replica is that I again reworked the rear flare on the Washington replica. But not so drastically as to be easily noticed.

"Last Interceptor to Los Angeles" is not a professional video, I filmed it, hosted it, and financed it, but I did pay for a professional editor, and editing system. I also use a local Perth Video and film company "Walfdale" to get the copies professionally copied and produced into NTSC format.

I made the video because I believe in the Mad Max fan base, so in Australian terms "I put my money where my mouth is".

NTSC copies are available through E:bay. This is cheaper as the postage is from within the USA.

Or by e:mailing me, at:




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Ebay video

Postby PursuitSpecial » Tue Dec 03, 2002 8:38 am

I've seen it also, pretty neat video!! I loved the high speed run with the black car on the 2 lane road (closed course of course), and also the burnout with Gordon's first black car, and finally the white XB sedan that grant I believe is doing donuts in at the end. There is a ton of info, and I mean a ton, talking about how the cars are put together cars, and the differences here and there from a regular XB or XA, or from other non-specific replicas. You'll just have to see it for yourself.

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