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Re: prohibited area

Postby roadwarriormfp » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:09 pm

But strangely enough there is a similar sign at Point Wilson Rd where the Gooses ride was filmed. Also the Big Bopper coming out of the gate and the opening scene on top of the bunkers. That area was once a Ammo dump, hence the bunkers. ... 6656?hl=en
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Re: prohibited area

Postby TheDarkOne#1 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:48 am

roadwarriormfp wrote:wow this is an old thread lol

Leakes RD ... index.html

The person that took the bottom ‘recent’ picture was facing the wrong way on the road. If you look at the movie still the poles holding power/telephone lines are the other way around.
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