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Postby Intceptbuilder » Thu Oct 24, 2002 8:00 am


The "Budget" replicas are not for anyone in particular. And they are not going to be full rebuilds with all new parts, we are going right over the cars and replacing parts only as necessary. All the rust we are fixing.

We will not be going for 100% movie correct interiors, IE: the 2 door has a black head lining, and the trim although black is incorrect. We are cutting the build-up costs as much as practicable.

So we will not stress if the gear box is a C4 or a FMX, Our 2 door is using a fresh 302 and most likely a single rail box. We do know that they will both be V8's, (as you would) and the 2 door will have the right wheels and operational exhaust, same as the full replicas.. kinda expensive but they sound great.

The 4 door "budget" car will have all the right body kit on, correct roof lights and all that. So they will both look correct.

So we should end up with still a reasonable car, One that looks right but not the price tag of a full ground up new trim, new glass, new parts replica.

We are aiming to keep the final price between 12-15,000 USD. At this stage we are going to finish the cars just as we can, and then put them on the website.

We don't even know the final configuration, or price of each car yet. We don't even know which one will be finished first.

So if anyone is interested in a budget car it will be best to sit tight and wait for the pictures to come out, but we are looking at getting one ready at around Christmas at this stage, (if all goes well).

Sorry that I can't give any more info, but we are progressing as the budget and time allow.

Anyone that is perhaps interested in a cheaper replica and wants to get a preview look so that they get a chance to say yes or no before the web pictures go up, just send an email to either me or Grant and we can keep your address on file and send you some shots in the week before we put the pictures up on the website.

But remember these are not the "Ducks guts" they will be good cars but don't expect the super accurate quality of the Washington replica.

PS: If you want a video they are still around, I am running low but the NTSC version of "Last Interceptor to Los Angeles" can be ordered directly through Jim Martino in the USA email address...

Or I can still supply.

See you later, I am about out of time (here at work).[/font]



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Postby PursuitSpecial » Fri Oct 25, 2002 8:57 am

***In my city of Spokane, Washington, USA.....

Out of interest what do you UAS guys pay for the following:

Gallon of Milk @ $5:00 AUD

***Gallon of milk here, maybe $1.29 USD

Can of Coke (375 mil) @ $ 1.50 AUD

***Can of coke cold, out of a machine, 12oz, $0.25 USD at Alton's tire and wheel shop. All other places usually about $0.50.

Basic brand name DVD player @ $ 350 -400 AUD, but cheapo ones can be about $250 AUD

***Yeah a cheapo under $100 USD

Loaf of bread @ $ 2.50 AUD

***$0.67 at the local Wal-Mart, saw that yesterday

CD @ 27-30 AUD

***Used for around $5 USD, new usually about $12-$16 USD

DVD @ 30-35 AUD.

***Not up to date on DVD prices. I have 2 DVD machines (one real, and one on the computer, but my only dvd is the MM1 dvd, and I got that for free).

***"BIG Hemi cruise up and down highway .. and SUCK bulk juice".



***And at least you get 98 octane. The most we get is 92 octane, and unleaded. Do you still have leaded gas down there? I know parts of europe do. 92 octane is about $1.60 USD right now. 87 octane is our lowest at about $1.36 USD, and 89 octane is about $1.49 USD.


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Postby Mitch » Fri Oct 25, 2002 3:31 pm

Crosendork, you still around? You started this... Did you get the answers to your questions? What kind of performance cars are in Poland?

Gordon, is the $12-15,000US just the purchase price there in Australia? Shipping is extra, I imagine? Your cars sound awesome. I just bought a '75 Gossy and will be making it into an Interceptor replica. I'll try not to bug you too much with the questions, ha-ha.

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top speed

Postby Interdictor » Sat Oct 26, 2002 1:06 am

Answering for Gordon: Yeah, shipping is extra. Figure $4-5K depending on what shore it hits.
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top speed

Postby Vekku » Sun Oct 27, 2002 6:03 am

How about Max`s yellow Interceptor?

It has Cleveland 351 V8 engine (same as black?) I quess Yellow Interceptor top speed is over 120 mph (over 200km/h) and horsepower about 300 hp and 2:65 ratio. Am i right?
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