How do you experienced the last year ?

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How do you experienced the last year ?

Postby Immortan Joecutter » Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:14 am

My inner blower is cooling down a little bit and I was thinking of the last few months and how crazy they were.

What an exciting year...

It's unbelievable, but exactly one year has passed since the comic con trailer dropped. I remember that I almost had a heart attack
when I saw the first footage of Fury Road :shock:

I am following this board since mid 2012, when filming began in Namibia but the real fever for me started last year in May 2014 after the first advanced screening.
The following 'non'-review of Randy from AFTimes gave me hope and strength to endure and stay alive till the release of Fury Road.

During the last year I had so many doubts like not having Mel on board anymore, HAVING Tom Hardy on board instead
and also worries about not filming in Australia.

But in the end everything turned out well and George Miller gave us the film we've waited for 30 years.

So tell me, how do you experienced the recent year ?
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Re: How do you experienced the last year ?

Postby PhilC » Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:02 am

It sure has been a great last year. Was pretty apprehensive to start with how the new movie would be with no Mel and just how some of the vehicles looked. Some seemed a bit far out there really for the Mad Max i was hoping for.

Of course then came along that Comic Con trailer and that got me a lot more interested in what was coming. Hadn't really been keeping up with the movies progress but somewhere i heard or read that the new movie was a actually getting a release. That's when i started dropping in here to keep up with the latest and from Comic Con on i think it was almost a daily thing. I really wanted to know more about the new Max and just couldn't get enough of it really. There was so much info on this board which made it a great place to hear the latest.

Each new trailers had me hanging to see the film more and more. I knew when they were coming from the posts and i'd be viewing em before work that morning. I just played em over and over again and spewing i had to go to work. As we know all they were feeding em to us for a long time right up to the premiere almost. They showed heaps and looking back now i feel they revealed too much in them trailers but then they didn't make me view em. I just couldn't help but look though. I was so pumped for the return of Max and it turned out to be an amazing movie alright. I'm so happy with the movie for what it is!

What a year, what a lovely year it was... :D
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Re: How do you experienced the last year ?

Postby AquaCola » Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:02 am

I couldn't believe it when the full trailer got released. I was waiting 10+ years for this film and suddenly a full trailer was up. New story, new location, new actors etc etc

In some ways I feel I watched too many trailers leading up to it, I knew most the vehicles and had pieced together a lot of the story beforehand but on the other hand the trailers were incredible. They hyped me up so much beforehand. The scene of Morsov's kamikaze was absolutely insane as much as it was beautiful, "everyone's gone out of their minds", I was thinking about this so much, why anyone even in a bleak post apocalyptic wasteland would dive off a vehicle holding two explosives so enthusiastically. In some places the scenes in the trailers were better than in the actual film.

I must have watched each trailer 50+ times, sat through 5-6 films thinking how I'm going to be watching Fury Road in this cinema in X amount of months, spent hours and hours thinking about it. In the end it delivered and then some.

Next stop, the DVD release!
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