The Mad Max Original Trilogy Blu-Ray Thread

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The Mad Max Original Trilogy Blu-Ray Thread

Postby Uncle Entity » Thu May 14, 2015 5:28 am

This is it, Mad Max fans or new Fury Road fans or whatever you are:

MAD MAX (1979) - the original negatives are lost forever. They did a 2k/2.5k transfer from Interpositive.
MGM Blu-Ray has the better post-transfer remastering, but the stereo audio track has some missing dialogues in the Max/Johnny the Boy's final sequence.
SHOUT! Blu-Ray has the worst post-transfer remastering, but the stereo audio track is correct.
There is some minor issue of macroblocking on the USA and AUSSIE editions.
You will never see this movie on 4k transfer, sadly.

MAD MAX 2 (1981) - terrific transfer from Interpositive. 2k, not 4k.
Some gate wave/telecine wobble here and there, but it's inherent to the way the movie has been filmed, the cameras used.
Many complained about the color timing being wrong. They may be right. Colors look cold, not warm like the DVD.

MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME (1985) - great transfer from Interpositive. 2k.
Telecine wobble starting from the opening titles. Inherent to the way the movie has been filmed anyway (you can see that on the DVD too).
Contrast should be improved.
All in all, the best transfer out of the three.
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Re: The Mad Max Original Trilogy Blu-Ray Thread

Postby scfc68 » Thu May 14, 2015 4:56 pm

Ive got the Bluray trilogy, however still to get around to watching MM1 & MM3 on this format.
Ive seen Mad Max 2 on the separate Bluray release, thought it was a good transfer, noticed loads of things that I never spotted on VHS/DVD like the splattered remains of Wez on the tanker at the end, and errors like the goggles on Vernon Wells' double on the opening chases scene.

Having just seen MM1 on the cinema, I may find it hard to motivate myself to watch it on the bluray; it's not the most exciting film when you've seen it dozens of times, the last time being so recent.

MM3 is hard to motivate myself for as its so disappointing, yet arguably, prior to Fury Road, it had the best production values and cinematography of the lot and should lend itself to HD the best of them all??

What really gets me is the lack of bonus material; such as a really good documentary spanning all three films!

No deleted scenes either; is that just a myth about a deleted scene from MM2 where Max comes upon Wez raiding a farming house prior to the opening chase??
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