The KING is back!

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The KING is back!

Postby Uncle Entity » Sun May 03, 2015 10:29 am

... yes.

MGM preserved the classic "Mad Max" (1979) on a great 2K transfer. Film negatives are lost forever, but I guess they are searching for them anyway in order to make a new 4K transfer.

WARNER released two excellent blu-rays for RW and THUNDERDOME, taken from interpositive source transferred on 2K. Since the policy of the company is to preserve anything at 4K, they surely scanned the original negatives for both the sequels too.

FURY ROAD is being heavily promoted right now, everywhere: Internet, TVs, city streets etc.

Many BOOKS on Mad Max are being published... even here in Italy!

There's a VIDEOGAME coming out soon...

I feel like being in heaven.
Mel Gibson's Max to Tom Hardy's Max: "give me my life back, interdimensional counterpart!"
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