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Looking for Mad Max Fans

Postby FortWorthGuy » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:30 pm

This is Cary Darling, a writer at a newspaper/web site in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Texas, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and DFW.com. I'm a longtime fan of the Mad Max trilogy and, obviously, am looking forward to Fury Road. I'm trying to find other Texas Mad Max fans, especially those in North Texas, for a piece I want to write on fans of the series and what it is about these movies that appeals to them.

I e-mailed Peter Barton here to see if he had heard anyone in this part of the world and he said it would be OK if I posted directly to see if there are any Texans on this board who would want to participate. I'd prefer doing phone interviews. The article will run the week Fury Road opens. If there are any fellow North Texans out there, you can hit me up at cdarling@dfw.com. Thanks!
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Re: Looking for Mad Max Fans

Postby DetritusMaximus » Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:23 pm

You might find some people to be a little hesitant. The mainstream media is not usually friendly to 'fans' of anything that isn't sports or music related and even comics and anime are still a little bit 'red-headed' even with the money they are making. The Mad Max appeal is not easily quantified or understood by most people. It's not just 'post-apocalyptic', nor just a car chase movie. Loss, disaffection, being an outsider all seem to blend into it. Max didn't really fit with the old society and doesn't fit with the new one either. Of course, this applies to the old movies, the new one is an unknown for now. It seems to me that the more of a fan someone is, the older they are. This may relate to the nihilism of the era in which they were made and that nihilism has been diminished over the years with the end of the cold war. You might even say that in the old days, the feeling was that the unlucky were left alive after the apocalypse, now, it's not a matter of everything suddenly ending (nuclear war) but a progressive decay that is slow or localized enough to get used to so it never really seems like the world has ended (global warming/pandemics/zombies/scenarios that 'could' be reversed).

Plenty of speculation and opinion on the forum here. Do search on the forum for Texas Twelve, too. It should clarify why some forms of fandom are not easily grasped.
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