New book called Mad Max: Movies of Apocalyptic Mayhem

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New book called Mad Max: Movies of Apocalyptic Mayhem

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From the author of Quintessential Tarantino, Gothic Fantasy: The Films of Tim Burton and Ordinary Heroes: The Films of Danny Boyle comes Mad Max: Movies of Apocalyptic Mayhem. In this book, Edwin Page examines each of the films in the original trilogy and casts his eye forward to the new trilogy, which will begin with Mad Max: Fury Road. He also discusses visionary writer/director George Miller, creator of the iconic Max and the increasingly crazy world he inhabits. Providing interesting insights and detailed analysis, Mr Page presents a rounded view of the original trilogy that gives them a greater consistency than ever before.

Rather than being a standard film book, Mad Max: Movies of Apocalyptic Mayhem contains a twist in the form of two pieces of short fiction. Many people have noticed a disparity between the social landscapes of the movies and these stories have been created so as to knit them together in a logical way which is implied by the content of the films. Spanning the gaps between the 1st and 2nd movies and then between the 2nd and 3rd, they help to explain the evolution from the tentative social order evident in Mad Max right through to the post-nuclear holocaust existence seen in Beyond Thunderdome, thus adding to Miller’s dystopian vision.

A comprehensive look at the world of Mad Max, this book will be available as a paperback and Kindle edition.

I wonder what the two stories are and who wrote them?
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