'New' 1/25 resin kit on ebay?

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'New' 1/25 resin kit on ebay?

Postby XAMan » Wed Aug 28, 2002 2:43 am

Does anyone know anything about the kit on ebay ... being sold by boba*fett ... who may be a contributor to the forum?

I'm new to this forum so sorry if this is old news / been discussed alrady?

I have made a custom 1/43 interceptor based on a 'dinkum classic' XB coupe and have the alarmingly disappointing 1/25 interceptor ... it'd be nice to build one that did't look as though it'd been sat on by a wooly mamoth.

Also anyone have any news on the Biante 1/18 release rumour?


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'New' 1/25 resin kit on ebay?

Postby Interdictor » Wed Aug 28, 2002 7:23 pm

It was the moderator on the Biante site / discussion board who confirmed something is "in the works" I guess we'll have to wait & see what it is.
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