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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Sun May 11, 2014 4:06 am

A hum began to build as the crowd stared in disbelief at the shell of a man that stood in Max's boots .
"That couldn't be him "and "He's just a scag " could be heard amongst the shaking heads and stunned faces .
"Sure he's a bit a bit tarnished , but we can shine him up again " the Man on the trucks voice crackled over the crowd . The guards that had led max down from his recovery room nudged him forward with a grunt as the suddenly silent crowd parted a path straight to the truck. All that could be heard was the squeaking of Max's leg Irons as he limped towards the man and his car .
"that's my vehicle "Max snarled at the Thin balding man as he grinned down from his makeshift stage .
"Max...Max.....Max , where are my manners....I haven't even introduced myself , I'm Fred.
"And that's my vehicle" Max repeated as he slung one leg up to climb aboard the flatbed only to be dragged down and dropped on his back by the guards standing either side of him .
Fred leaned over max as he lay absorbing the pain of being thrown down on his swollen shoulder , His expression had changed his whole face to a menacing wince .
"Your Vehicle.... you must be fucking kidding Bronze "he jeered
"We all know what you did out here Bronze...Your a common thief , no better than the rest of us scum out here "
"Plus you abandoned YOUR vehicle on MY highway so it was fair game...Salvage Law "
"What Law ? "Max scoffed
"Well Know this Bronze ....Out here...It sure as shit aint' your law " ... "So My Law is as good as it gets"
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Mon May 12, 2014 5:15 am

Max was dragged back to his feet by the Guards and propped up in front of Fred .
"Now that we have the formalities out of the way..... how's the shoulder ?...still looks a bit sore "The withered Fred grinned as he nudged Max's cheek with his Boot .
Max's said nothing , but slowly lifted his gaze to meet Fred's eyes with a hollow hatred that instantly chilled him to his cancer ridden bones
"Don't Hate me Max...it will make everything so much harder " Fred almost pleaded
"You'll need that hate to get you where your going " a woman's voice whispered from Behind Max
Max turned an eye over his left shoulder to catch the silhouette of a tall woman in full motocross body armour , Gridiron Pads and a bicycle helmet wrapped in a loose turban draped down into a scarf that covered her mouth and nose .
In one step she hoisted herself aboard the flatbed and stood next to Fred with her hands on her hips
"You sure that's him....... I seen him back when he was a cop and this scag looks nothing like him ".
Max raised a hand up to his face...he had an inch long full face beard and his head had been shaved while in his makeshift hospital to stitch the back of his head ( split open on kissing the road ) , leaving just a few patches of stubble like a mangy dog .
"Well If it aint him , it's the Man who jumped him which is the next best thing " Fred surmised
"But we don't need him to jump Fred....We need him to DRIVE " The mystery woman hissed as she pulled back her scarf to reveal her Nose and most of her upper lip were missing , ground off in a long ago crash which had horribly scared the rest of her once beautiful face. Fred raised the bullhorn back to his lips
"This IS the rouge....The road warrior.... and he will find a way to Mundi Mundi " he addressed the increasingly restless crowd
"We will reopen trade in the wasteland......or we will perish , It is this man that will decide....our savour ....or our last lost hope " Fred evangelized to a nervous cheer from the crowd .
In Fred's dark heart of hearts he knew Max stood little chance of Making it through the 400 miles to Pappagallo's refinery , but if he didn't stem the growing voice of dissolution in this dank cavern ....then all would be lost
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Mon May 19, 2014 2:18 am

Fred reached a hand down to Max , Nodding at both guards it as he did.
"Come up Max....I've so much to tell you " Fred grinned
"We've been Busy while you were sleeping " he added "Come...Come on "
Max Lifted his gaze to Meet Fred's before slowly reaching out his left arm allowing Fred to hoist him aboard the flatbed as the crowd slowly broke up .
"The last of the V 8 interceptors eh Max....Unbelievable " Fred spoke in awe as he pulled the tarp completely back off the car.
"I can't believe anyone else could get it this far into the wasteland Max....I saw a vision of you when word came through of Hughes's demise and I knew you would bring her to me " he spoke slowly as he ran his hand over the blower hat .
Fred suddenly stood upright and stared at Max in an expressionless indifference
"My conditions are simple Bronze......I Own you and your car ....But that isn't all bad "
"You were gunna' end up belonging to someone out here....No-one Makes it through alone , so you might as well belong to me ."
I have invested a lot in you Max....precious antibiotics , food , my personal doctor ...and then there's the car , don't get me started on the car ..... Max you really haven't been taking care of her have you "Fred ranted , all the time Max looking over his car in disgust
"What have you done to it ? "Max finally rumbled
"What have I done to it ? ...What have I done to it ?" Fred protested " Only everything ...... rebuilt the engine , replaced the blower , rebuilt your exhaust , fitted a full racing cage , replaced the rear suspension and the best bit "Fred summonsed Max to the Back of the Car
"Two long range fuel tanks worth 250 litres a piece , electric pumped , although we had to chuck a truck battery in to handle the extra load "
Max stood staring at his precious interceptor....bastardized.....hacked........ the leather interior unceremoniously torn out.....back seats gone along with the police radio , replaced by a web of roll bars and welded mesh with only the drivers seat , dash and police light remaining . The car that had been his home since his world died and began to rot...had been his fuel injected deliverance .....Was almost unrecognisable in the dim light of the Cavern
Max put his head through the window to see his jacket lied out on the drivers seat , The right shoulder stitched back together with a gridiron pad riveted over the damage . even worse to Max than all these things was his photos were gone from the boss of the steering.....Jess , sprog and the goose...... the only point to his vengeful life . Max Grabbed his Jacket and slowly put it on over his still badly swollen shoulder and Zipped it up as he shot a glance at Fred and his disfigured companion
"Tell me about this refinery "Max finally spoke
"I knew you'd come round Bronze......And you thought we'd have to take him top side and shoot him " Fred scoffed over his shoulder at the nose-less woman
"The night is still young " the woman said as she jumped down and stormed off
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Wed May 28, 2014 7:29 am

Fred's words were a murmur under then clatter and hum of everyday life in the Ant Farm . The Car bodies stacked 10 stories high that surrounded Fred and Max were abuzz of clanging spanners and grinder sparks as the "ants" got back to work striping every last bolt from the wrecks . Max stared at his reflection in the Interceptor's passenger window Lit by a shower of sparks from above . His bearded and patchily shaved head , the giant shoulder pad riveted to his one armed MFP Jacket reminded Max of just about every scag he'd dusted since blasting into the wasteland , a half grin cracking his face
"Are you fucking listening to me Max "Freds voice zoned in
"Just Keep Talkin "Max snarled
"So you see that's how it worked , We'd send a truck load of supplies , food and drilling gear , drop the trailer at the compound , pick up the tanker and bring the fuel back "fred continued " Then we'd fill it with water and send it back , rotating twice a month . We had it all Max.....Then the Attacks started . Just a few smegma's on dirt bikes to begin with , take a bit of gear , a bit of fuel , then go leaving the crew mostly un-molested . Then we had to stop sending women....then the Killing Started , losing 4 or 5 men a trip in the end ."
"What End? "Max shrugged
" The truck crew didn't come back last trip "Fred eye's dropped
"My Brother and son were on that run....Ethan was only 15 , taking toys out to a group of feral Kids Living in burrows around the refinery....Fucking Toys... " Fred screamed
Max felt a slight flicker of empathy for Fred until it was stomped out a second later by the Psychopathic indifference to life and death which defined the new Max .
"Think of this as a new , better MFP Max.....Patrolling the Highway for scags....Keeping the route Open...keep the peasants safe....Come on Max , Its what you live for "
"I don't live for anything "Max Barked
"Then you'll Die for Nothing you fool " Fred grinned
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:16 pm

Max stood beside the Interceptor as the sound of winches pinching cable accompanied his assent through the Ant Farm . The original mine elevator had been modified to fit a car and Max could see other hoists lifting an array of equipment through holes in the ceiling of main chamber .Once through the ceiling , the lift shaft amplified the creaking cables as they shook and jolted Max towards the pinhole of light that grew ever larger over his head .Max never thought he'd miss the harsh bleaching light of the wasteland , but after weeks underground he felt what was almost relief , quickly extinguished by the thought of what awaited him in the nothing.
Fred's words rang in his ears
"Head North-west until the bitumen ends "
Max had no intention of dying in some crusade for a fuel refinery that had probably already fallen . He had bought his time ( And Fred's trust ) and was now fully intent on dispensing his escort once clear of the Ant Farms patrols .
As the platform slowly rose , Max inspected the mods Fred and his horde of maniac mechanics had inflicted on the Interceptor. Poking his head under the back of the car he could see the heavy duty truck shockies and extra leaf springs that now supported the Half ton of fuel the fully laden pursuit special carried .Max frowned as he thought about the body roll and handling issues his once refined speed wagon would now suffer . "At least there's not many corners out here " he grinned to himself .

On reaching the surface max sat in the car and put his MPF aviator sunglasses . They offered little protection to his dilated pupils as he tried to focus on his bleak surroundings .He could see a small crowd standing guard over the winch house that covered the main entry to the mine . a figure was walking towards the drivers window as Max Kicked over the rumbling beast .It was Fred , carrying Max's shotgun and an Ammo belt full of shells
"Head North west until the Bitumen ends "Fred reiterated as he lent in the window and handed Max his weapon .
"We are the world Max...... and the world needs a hero " Fred ranted in an echo of Fifi's last words to Max a lifetime ago
"I'm sending our best gunners with you Max , They will be the eye's in the back of your head.
Max glanced over at the two guards in a Valiant Charger with a Pneumatic bolt thrower mounted in the lidless boot which sat idling at the highways edge .
" They won't keep up "Max Grimaced
"Oh but I think they will "Fred almost sang as he held up a remote detonator device before tossing it to the guards
"YOUR VEHICLE , as you like to call it , is rigged with enough tnt to leave nothing but a hole in the road should you lose faith Max...so I'd keep them in my rearview if I were you "
Fred hissed with an intensity that got a lifted brow from Max
Fred patted the car with his bony gloved hand as Max put it in gear and disappeared in a cloud of tyre smoke leaving his escort scrambling to catch up
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:28 pm

The smell of raw Guzzoline filled the car as Max hit top gear and engaged the blower in a squeal of tyres .His escort quickly disappeared behind him as he hit 200km per hour . The feel of the car becoming more weightless with every notch on the speedo filled Maxes veins with adrenalin as he squinted in wait of the fireball he was sure was about to end his life . Meanwhile his pursers car Shook uncontrollably as they tried in vain to keep up with the disappearing interceptor .
"He's running " the gunner grunted as he grabbed for the remote detonator
"We've got bigger problems "the driver mumbled as he saw dust trails steaming into his rearview . Trail bikes were slowly closing on them from the sides of the Highway , alerted to the blast of the interceptor floating through minutes ahead.
"Man the Gun "the driver screamed as the gunner contorted over the seats into the back and began to charge the weapon with air . Just as the gauge hit 180psi and the Gunner began winding to train the weapon towards their pursuers a crossbow bolt pierced his hand and pinned it to the side of the mechanism .He threw his head back but his scream was cut short by the next arrow which passed through his open mouth and exited his jaw taking most of his tongue with it
The Driver was alerted by sprays of blood as his passenger coughed and splattered for breath . He panicked and scrambled for the detonator as the sound of a gunshot echoed in what sounded like tunnel . He suddenly couldn't hear the screaming hemi engine or move his arms . As his rapidly swelling brain tried to comprehend what had happened to him , blood and brain matter pored from the exit wound that used to be the left side of his face as the car veered of the road into a dust cloud as his attackers caught up.
The last thing he could see as darkness blanketed his senses was the blood soaked detonator on the sprayed red dash

Meanwhile a few Miles ahead Max had pulled over and was franticly pulling at wires to the bomb strapped under the interceptors fuel tanks . He knew the detonator would only have a short range and thought he would only have seconds before his escort would be within it .Standing up satisfied he had disarmed the crude device he scanned the road behind.... nothing......empty
He suddenly could make out the sound of a redlining engine...... make that engines ! Max knew he was about to have company as he scrambled into the interceptor and gunned it back onto the highway .
"How had the terminal Crazies found them so fast "Max thought to himself as hit top speed .He had not seen another living soul in weeks before running in with the Ant Farm .How had they got out here ! He thought he was beyond the range of the scum that littered the boundaries of the wasteland.
One person who knew exactly how they got there was the lipless woman from the Ant farm. She knew stopping the Road warrior was her only chance at finally over-throwing Fred and taking what was rightfully hers . She couldn't have Fred reopen trade routes when the Farm was so close to mutiny
Her resolve tightened like her grip on the bloody detonator as she sped towards the distant interceptor
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