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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:18 pm

Abby picked up Max's service revolver and followed as he hobbled off towards the tarp covered Interceptor . Max shimmied along the Toilet block / office wall that hid the Interceptor from the court-yard but as he peered around the corner he was met with the butt of Nate's rifle , knocking him out cold .

Nate dragged Max by the Jacket and propped him up against the side of the Car before squatting in front of him as he began come to. Max shook his head as he felt the split across the bridge of his nose.
"Is he dead ? " Nate Barked
Max slowly Nodded his head .
" Well I guess I owe you one , so I'll make this quick " Nate said as he reached forward and grabbed Max by the hair as he drew a large hunting knife from his boot .
" Get away from him " Abby yelled as she stepped out into view , Max's revolver aimed at Nate's head
Nate Paused before slowly rising to his feet and facing Abby.
" You had better not Miss " Nate snarled as he broke into a sprint towards the shaking teen .
Abby fired a shot into Nate's chest which caused him to drop his knife but failed to even slow his advance . She cocked and fired again , this time hitting Nate in the Jaw blowing off part of his chin . This did little other enrage Nate as he threw his hand around Abby's neck before she could get a 3rd shot off .
As the ex-soldier squeezed the teenagers petite throat , the instant cut of circulation to Abby's brain caused white dots before her bulging eyes. As darkness flooded in , the Last thing Abby saw was Max behind Nate with his arms raised , hunting knife in hand .
Max plunged the knife into the back of Nate's neck with all his strength , driving it right through until the tip off the blade protruded out of his Adam's Apple .
Nate Froze , but he still stood with his hands tightly around Abby's neck . Max reefed the wedged blade from Nate's neck then slashed his massive forearm down to the bone , severing the tendons and ligaments causing him to loose his grip on Abby's unconscious body . Nate slowly fell face down into the gravel , still alive but paralyzed , to await his slowly creeping death .
Max scooped up his revolver and Shotgun as he threw Abby over his shoulder and limped over to the Interceptor . He pulled the tarp off and dropped Abby into the Passenger seat before diving under the dash to hot-wire the keyless vehicle . As power flowed into the Dash Max notice Hughes had refueled the beast . Max Slammed the Interceptor into gear and shot out from behind the offices into the driveway , drifting sideways down it and onto the highway . He opened it up once pointing west , engaging the Blower to the screech of spinning tyres .

Back at the holding room , Abby's brothers stood over Hughes' mutilated body.
"Nate should have killed him by now " the short one said to the sounds of nearby gunshots .
Then the sound of the Interceptor laying down rubber dropped both their jaws.
"Aaaaafter him!" the tall brother screamed at the guards while running across the forecourt . The brothers jumped into their ex-MFP pursuit special , a beat up 4 door Monaro with its MFP markings blistered off with a blowtorch . The rough exterior belied the powerful Nitrous boosted Big-block which powered the Monster as only the MFP could . The car had belonged to the first Bronze that had mistakenly ventured into the Wasteland and the second was now escaping into the Nothing . The brothers couldn't let the interceptor get away now they had inherited the Trading post , It was just too valuable. They speed off in pursuit at least 3 minutes behind Max and Abby with a small army of guards on all manner of motley desert vehicles in tow , Armed to the teeth and absolute in their resolve , The Bronze COULD NOT ESCAPE !

to be continued..........
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:55 pm

As Max hit top gear , Abby awoke gulping air and coughing .
" Breath kid , you'll be right " Max's eyes never left the road ahead
Abby had little time to catch her breath as the Trading Post Posse appeared in the Interceptor's rear view
" We can out run them " Max mumbled as he stomped the pedal to the floor
As the interceptor pulled away , Max noticed one vehicle was still gaining on them . Abby's half -Wit brothers careened towards them on the edge of control , the tall one driving while the short one hung out the window with a Make shift harpoon gun . The Harpoon fired with a hiss of compressed air sending its projectile slamming into the Interceptors damaged boot lid . The driver then hit the brakes in an effort to slow the interceptor , which caused both cars to swerve wildly . Max fought to gain control under a hail of gun shots and cross-bow bolts as the rest of the Posse caught up to the chase . One high caliber bullet smashed the interceptors rear window showering Abby and Max in glass . Max swung around in his seat and let both barrels of his shotgun go into the windscreen of the black Monaro , blasting buckshot and glass through the drivers head , killing him instantly . The Monaro screeched off the road , tearing the interceptors boot lid off as it rolled over crushing the other brother who was still hanging out off the passenger window . Without the dead weight slowing it , the interceptor pulled away from the rest of the pursuers who ( realizing the brothers were dead ) had slowed to a stop , Sucked into a power vacuum that would see most of them kill each other . As they disappeared in the rear view mirror Max dis-engaged the blower and began to slow to inspect the Damage .
"Told you we could out run them " Max almost smiled
But Abby didnt make a sound .
" Now your Quiet , at last " but as Max glanced at Abby he realized she was holding her throat with both hands , Blood trickling between her fingers . Max locked the Interceptor to a screeching holt as Abby coughed a spray of blood onto the windscreen as she slumped lifeless onto the Dash......

To be continued.......... Last chapter tonight
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:47 pm

before the Interceptor had even come to a complete halt max Jumped out and hobbled around to the passenger side , but as he opened the door , the true extent of Abby's injuries became apparent . A stray bullet had blown a large hole in her throat and another had hit her in the back of her shoulder , exiting out of her chest . Max dragged her from the car and began CPR but every compression made blood spurt from her horrific wounds . Knowing it was useless , Max kept pounding away on her lifeless chest , Unable to stop ...Unable to surrender.... locked in an un-winnable battle that was symbolic of his whole life .
It was the sickening crunch of the teenagers ribs giving way that slapped Max back to reality....Abby was Dead .
But it wasn't Abby that Max could see , She was the Goose....Jess...Sprog....all in one . Max felt a volcano of Hate rising up inside his throat , venting in the form of a projectile vomit of bile from his empty stomach . Hate for the earth.....Hate for the remnants of man......Hate for the Interceptor........and especially , Hate for himself....Adrenaline filled every molecule as he slowly rose to his feet .

Max threw a Bucket of precious Guzzoline over Abby's body atop a large pile of deadwood which he had gathered as the sun had set . The reflection of the Funeral pier made the gloss paint of the Interceptor glow a hellish red......Hell was here .
Max stood beside the interceptor , His gaze to the west at the many Campfires along the highway...The survivors.....The Enemy . Max had a taste for death.....an unimaginable Hunger....... But he wouldn't starve for long .
Abby's fire glowed like a beacon to the Marauders That owned this strip of highway .......a hunting ground of fear . Max could see dust trails headed his way in the moonlight as he settled into the drivers seat and checked his weapons .
Jess' Husband....Sprog's Dad....Goose's Partner.....Any essence of Right and wrong........were left in the dust with Abby's smoldering body as Max planted the Inteceptor towards his oncoming prey . He had barely known the wiry teen but her senseless death had robbed Max of the last whisper of his soul . Max was Dead.... And the shell of a man in the Interceptors drivers seat didn't mourn him....Didn't Care...,but would avenge him in Blood a thousand times over . Nothing existed but this gun ....This Car...and this Fury Road.

The End

Cheers to everyone that read my little piece of the Mad Max Universe and their valued suggestions. Hope it wasn't too Corny ...... Nathan
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby SAM B R.W » Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:49 pm

exceptional. great writing in the last chapter! gripping and intense!
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby croft007 » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:21 am

Great stuff mate.......look forward to further max and the interceptor adventures from you soon. Cheers
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:51 pm

Max Zoned back in as the Interceptors rev's died off as the last of it's precious Guzzoline worked it's way through the fuel lines . He couldn't tell how long he'd been asleep at the wheel but as the car finally spluttered to a stop , he had no idea were he was . He sat for a moment , hands still on the wheel as the gravity of his situation sank in . he was out of fuel , out of food and worse still , out of water . In the weeks since rolling out of the Halls of Justice car park it had barely crossed his mind that he would live long enough to end up here . His reign of suicidal vengeance would surely end in a gunshot blast or Road rash death , Not starved like a dog in this blighted place.
After a few minutes he hobbled from the car and scanned around 360 to the distant horizon .....Nothing...not so much as a crow or rodent....truly nothing .

spinifex and brigalow dotted the otherwise barren plains as Max strained through his binoculars for ...well , anything . Even the wreckage of pillaged cars and the accompanying stench of death which had lined the highway till now seemed eerily absent . The prized Wrecking yard Hughes and the roadhouse crew told Max about seemed more and more like wasteland folk-law than an actual place . Max sat down in the passenger seat and tended his Knee wound and adjusted his new leg brace as the temperature soared . whatever he was going to try, he knew he would have to do it by night .
As the afternoon dragged on , Max stared at his shotgun ..... only 4 shells left . With a shaky hand he broke down the gun and inserted a shell in each barrel before slowly raising it to his chin , tears streaming down his cheeks he closed his eyes.......all he could see were Jess and Sprog , smiling in the cool shade. For all his training and courage , there was nothing he could do for them... not then , not now , so why were they haunting him ?
"I'm so sorry "he mumbled as he moved two gloveless fingers onto the sawn-off's triggers. All the horror of the past month looped in his head like a satanic video clip....a soundtrack of death with a smell to match....There was nothing he could do for them....Nothing....except........LIVE .

The will to survive flushed into every cell in Max's body in a wave of emotion like he had not felt since his life was stolen away by the Toecutter and his gang . " I'm Alive .....I'M ALIVE " he screamed through gritted teeth as he threw the gun down in the driver seat .
Max had heard people talk about being "Born Again " back in the old world when describing finding religion . The Vengeful rogue Cop Max Rockatansky Died that afternoon in the powerless Interceptor , lost in the nothing . The scavenger that emerged from the car was as unrecognizable to Max as the talented but Naïve young driver he had been only weeks earlier .Who was he ? It didn't matter....Water is what really mattered and it was to this end that he set out on foot as the sun disappeared over the horizon , leaving the Interceptor....his last connection to the old world.... in the dusty distance . The creeking of his rusty leg irons was the only sound that echoed down the empty highway as he hobbled into the night
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:33 am

As the night wore away , along with shattered remains of max's knee , he decided to rest for a while climbing down the road edge finding a sandy ditch to lay in . As his head lay in the soft sand and he closed his eyes , Max's Mind wandered to happier times as he quickly drifted off.
He could see Jess , Feel her head laying on his chest at that Billabong up the Central Coast . He could feel the warm sun on his face , smell the eucalypts , hear crickets in the long grass pierced by sprog giggling with his toys . He could really feel her , and she felt......wet . Max slowly looked down as the sound of the crickets suddenly grew deafening . To his horror jess was torn and disfigured as he had seen her on that highway near May's house . Like moving through honey , Max struggled to push Jess's lifeless body off his chest while the crickets got ever louder , pieced by Sprogs pitched painful screams . looking up , the clouds suddenly turn to fire that engulfs the whole sky as the crickets grow ever louder.............
Max opened his eye's in the cold desert night soaked in a cold sweat . Writhing through his hellish nightmare Max had left a pattern on the ground like a snow angel....but looking more like a sand demon . He could still hear the crickets of his dream ringing in his ears..... but getting louder! They weren't crickets...he knew that sound........It was the Interceptor !
Max franticly scrambled up the embankment just in time to see the Interceptor fly past , headlights off , blower engaged and what looked like three people inside .Max gave futile chase down the road until his knee completely gave out and he fell flat on his face , skinning his nose on the bitumen . As he lay face down on the road trying to regain consciousness his head filled with questions...where had they come from ?....where did they get the fuel ?......how did they get out there ?...... Where were they going....? The rumble of a diesel closing from a distance and the increased vibration through the road told Max he was about to get his answer.
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:52 am

Crouching by the highway in the large drainage ditches that lined the dust swept bitumen , Max strained his eyes in the moonless night as the sound of the truck grew closer .
"No lights" he mumbled to himself as the silhouette of a R series Mack tow truck materialised out of the Inky dark night . The truck was moving...probably 100mph Max guessed and purring . He had about one minute to decide what to do....Hide and try and follow the noise....? He knew his knee would never make it . He Looked down at his shotgun , still loaded from his afternoon delve into darkness . He had no choice... up the embankment and crouched in the middle of the road , he lay his shotgun across right arm , still barely healed from his run-in with Bubba Zanetti . Left hand on the trigger , Max saw a green glow coming from the Cab as the truck suddenly braked to a screeching holt about 1/2 a mile down the road. Night-vision...They had seen him .
"Shit "he cursed
The truck Idled as Max raced through his options. He had barley stood up when a Booming Load-speaker crackled an echo across the darkened wasteland
"Drop the gun if you want to live " boomed the voice.
By the look of the 6 or 7 green lights headed his way it was beginning to sound like a good idea . Max slowly lay the shotgun on the road and was reaching for his empty service revolver when a bullet whistled through his right forearm , exiting near the elbow and grazing left eyebrow and causing him to stumble backwards . The crack echoed out across the wasteland a micro-second later as blood began to flow into max's eye . Lost Blood combined with the shock of being shot made the sky spin as Max scrambled for his shotgun . A second shot whizzed through his right shoulder , blowing him onto his back again , followed again by a crack that pieced the still night .
Max lay there....blood running down the inside of his Jacket and out onto the still warm tarmac.
" Beats dying of thirst "Max thought as his crashing blood pressure left him in a painless trance . smiling up at the stars , he could hear Jess and sprog giggling in his ears as he slowly lost consciousness.......

to be continued
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:55 pm

Max slowly opened his eye's ....cold florescence overwhelmed his senses as he blinked rapidly trying to focus on his environment . Pain was the next sensation to bombard his still recovering brain as he tried to sit up . laying back down Max realised he was in a bed and his eyes had adjusted just enough to let him know he was in some kind of hospital ward .He had an I.V line in his right hand , the rest of his arm swollen and heavily bandaged . blinking into focus through a sick head-ache , max scanned the rest of the room which held 4 other beds . The floor was stained with dried blood and on a chair next to his bed were his MFP Leathers . The right arm of the Jacket had been cut away above the elbow and the right shoulder was cut to shreds. Max was angry for a moment at the state of his uniform...An MFP officers Leathers were to be worn with pride...PRIDE...What the hell did that mean he thought as he looked down at his naked , half starved , three quarter dead body .

At that moment a short bearded man in a Lab coat opened the only door into the windowless ward . A guard in Shoulder pad armour and a miners helmet followed him in , closing the door behind him and pulling up a chair against the door and sitting , rifle on lap .
"ARR... Your awake "the bearded man spoke through a brown toothed grin .
"we have been waiting to speak to you for days , Max " he added
"How do you......"
"Every one knows who you are Max , your a wasteland celebrity " he interrupted
"You think you could steal the fastest set of wheels the MFP could throw together , Kill the biggest smugglers of goods into the prohibited zone ( the Acolytes ) , then bankrupt Hughes's Trading post , killing the old man himself , not to mention just about every scag from there to here....and not make a splash ! "
" So you know me.. who the fuck are you " Max coughed
"Sorry Max , where's my manners...... I'm Dr Gary Winston , chief medic of E level , and the man that dug that nasty bullet from your shoulder "
"E Level......? where the hell am I "Max slurred as Dr Winston injected something into his drip
"Your at the Ant Farm " the Dr replied
"The Ant .......... " darkness overtook Max as the drugs took effect .

As Max began to open his eyes he realised he was in a different room but in the same bed . A thin set man in white overalls was sitting on a chair in an otherwise empty stone walled room .
"Max "the man exclaimed setting down a hand full of papers he had been reading
"you look fantastic "he lied
"It was touch and go there for a while you know ? "
" Thought we might have to take that arm off ! "he added
Max tried to sit up but the pain in his shoulder was still too great
"We fixed your knee while you were under too , chronic buckshot infection...well more bullet fragment than buckshot... but you lost a far bit of tissue ....you were slowly dying "
"what is this place "max finally got out
"Oh your on E level , or the last bastion of civilisation as we that live here call it "
"Level of what.. "Max grimaced
"The Ant farm of course " the man almost scoffed . Max's puzzled face told the narrator he had never heard of the Ant farm
"After the war and the government declared this vastness a write-off , many mining communities through here were left Isolated and most tried to escape the wasteland . The government's policy of exiling criminals into their prohibited zone soon saw lawlessness sweep the Nothing . Trade and a sense of community soon gave way to pillaging and murder . There were many trading post through-out the wasteland at first...but one by one they burned until only 3 remained . Hughes Roadhouse.... close enough to edge of the wasteland to thrive...That is until you came along . Then there's here ....originally a huge auto wreckers that serviced the mass of humanity travelling across the wasteland to the west coast . But as the gangs grew in size and the traffic dried up , the attacks grew more frequent until it seemed a certainty the post would fall . But one man had the fore sight and courage to lead us here . Fred Stock , a coal miner before the war , organized the transport of all the spares and fitting plus most of the heavy equipment to his old worksite , the Black-Plains coal mine . We all owe our lives to Fred . Away from the anarchy topside we have thrived and grown to fill most dry levels of the entire mine , hence "The Ant Farm . "

Max let it all sink in as he lay looking at the ceiling
"Why am I alive "Max finally crackled
"We wouldn't have shot you in the first place had you not tried to hold-up the night salvage crew "the man frowned
"Anyway , If you are as good as they say...you will do well here " he added
"And my wheels " Max grunted
"The Interceptor is Safe "the man almost whispered , darting his eyes to the floor .
"That concludes question time for now Max , you need your rest " The man sniped as he stood up and began to inject something into Max's drip .
"You said there were 3 "max mumbled through his haze
" You said there were 3 trading posts left "
"Oh yes... The 3rd is an oil well and fuel refinery out near the Mundi Mundi Plains . the main supply route between here and there has been cut and that's where you come in......
Max drifted into an induced sleep...free from Jess , sprog , burning sky's ...just long blissful rest.

to be continued
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:56 pm

The interrupted hum of a blinking fluorescent light filtered into Max's senses as he again opened his eyes. He was alone this time in the same featureless room , his arm still bandaged but less swollen . "How long have I been here "he thought as he slowly sat up pulling the I.V line from his hand. Wrapping himself in the yellowing sheet , he dragged himself to the large metal door . He placed his ear slowly to the door just as it flew open , knocking Max to the ground in a knot of pain . Two guards burst in scooping Max under each arm and dragging him out into the darkened corridor outside . As Max was silently hauled down the dusty tunnel , he could hear much commotion and light emanating from just around the next bend .Before they reached the source of the sound , Max was shoved into a small cave off the main corridor and dropped on the floor
"Get Dressed " one guard rasped as he pointed to a pile of black leather in the middle of the poorly lit crevasse.
Max felt his naked way around the stone floor to the pile , which was his leather pants , boots , leg irons and police blue t-shirt .
"where's my Jacket and weapons " Max snarled as he pulled the blood stained shirt over his still painful arm wound
The guards didn't answer and simply scooped Max back up and headed towards corridor .

As they rounded the bend , Max could see the corridor ended into a huge opening , maybe 100 metres across by 100 metres high . the walls were made from stacked car bodies , all the way to the barely visible ceiling . The centre space was filled with people surrounding a flat bed semi trailer with a single figure standing atop , talking through a bull horn
"Sit " one of the guards barked as they reached the back of the crowd
Max defiantly stood , trying to make out the distorted words of the man standing on the flat bed until the hand of the other guard smashed into the back of his head , knocking him to the ground.
Max sat up where he fell and decided perhaps sitting was the best idea after all .
As he strained to hear through the hum of the crowd , Max began to make out the poorly amplified monologue

" Was it not me that brought you all here ....... was is not me that showed we could survive in this haven.....Was it not me that gave you back your dignity " the voice crackled between roars from the crowd
" Well now I ask for your trust again.......we must return to the surface and reopen the western highway "
This time there was not a murmur from the crowd , but a whisper of "Is he Mad " that swept the throng
"How do you expect us to do that " a defiant voice broke the silence
" Well I don't know what I expect....but I can tell you what you can expect....Expect we will be out of fuel in under 1 month unless we can re-establish contact with Pappagalo . If we don't try....well you can kiss all this goodbye .
" we've already tried " a woman's voice screamed " and it halved our population " another added
" Do you think I don't know that....It was my family lost too " the Mans voice seemed to falter
he stood with his head hung while he regained his composure
"This time we have a distinct advantage " he said in a rising tone as he pulled back a tarp covering something on the trailer next to him . It was the Interceptor
A simultaneous gasp filled the cavern which brought Max back to his feet
"Is it......." a voice trembled
"The Last of the V8 Interceptors " the man finished
"The only chance against the Nitro boosted filth that pollute our path to salvation...........plus we have something else..... the Man who brought it hear " he smiled and point to a surprised Max as every head in the cave turned towards his frail frame
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