SIX (6) N2 Toys Mad Max Road Warrior Figures - MINT NIB

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SIX (6) N2 Toys Mad Max Road Warrior Figures - MINT NIB

Postby Toyotero » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:46 am

I have for sale the complete set of "Mad Max The Road Warrior" Series One action figures - all MINT condition and New In Box!
The boxes are all in unopened and perfect condition with no wear or marks.
These were produced by N2 Toys in 2000 and since discontinued. These are very hard to find as a complete set.

These figures are the perfect gift for the Mad Max fanatic. Buy them before "Fury Road" movie is released and MM collectibles jump in price!

The set includes the entire 'series one' set of figures:

* Mad Max 1 - ... directlink
* Mad Max II - ... directlink
* Humungus
* Wez
* Gyro Captian (the rare bearded variant of the figure)
* Warrior Woman

Photos of all SIX of the figures can be found here: ... directlink

I have no problem mailing them international as long as a secure payment method used.

Please click here for more info.

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