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FS: "Goose" style boots size 10-10.5 US

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 6:05 am
by Rook3
For sale are my "first" pair of Goose style motorcycle boots
with the correct shin armor.

Image Image

When I got them the finish was about gone. I redyed them black, did a
coat of polish and gave it a good coat of moisturizer to make
them softer. All the adjustment tabs on the sides are intact.
The shin plates are a little too flat, probably from the way they were
stored before I got them, and they really need to be reshaped/rounded as
well as buffed and shined. The leather could use a real "military precision"
shining by someone who knows what they're doing. :)

The interior is rough. The "waterproof lining" is shot and the interior
impact leather at the ankles needs to be replaced if you're going to be
chasing down wasteland warriors on your bike while wearing them. :)

Only reason I'm selling them is because I need a size 11 and my toes are right
at the end, so they don't fit perfectly. I'm guessing they're a US size 10, maybe
a size 10.5.

Edit: I received a pair of size 11's so I'm pretty sure these are a size 10 and not a 10.5.

Asking $75 shipped in the USA. Slightly higher internationally.

Thanks for looking!


Re: FS: "Goose" style boots size 10-10.5 US

PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2008 12:41 pm
by Rook3
Price drop! $75 shipped in the USA. International shipping slightly more.
Willing to trade them plus a bit of cash for one of the "new"
Chinese made wood/metal MM airsoft shotguns, or even one of the old
Hudson Airsoft shotguns.

PM me. Thanks for looking!