Shiny and Chrome! Warboy challenge coins.

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Shiny and Chrome! Warboy challenge coins.

Postby breech » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:04 pm

These are die struck - NOT cast - 1.5" 1oz Challenge Coins modeled after the "War Boys" from the 2015 movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. They are a little more than twice as thick as a US Quarter.

The coins are emblazoned with Immortan Joe's skull logo on one side and the War Boy chant from the beginning of the movie as well as War Boy mantras that follow the "Cult of the V8".

The "Cult of the V8" is the fictional cult ran by Immortan Joe and who the War Boys show tribute to by giving their lives to forever "ride eternal shiny and chrome on the highways of Valhalla".

This is a must have for any Mad Max fan or cosplayer. Plus, it's shiny and chrome.


Coin's text reads

We are war boys!
War boys!
Kamakrazee war boys!
War boys!
Fucacima kamakrazee war boys!
I live, I die, I LIVE AGAIN!
Awaited on the highways in Valhalla!
I shall ride eternal,
Shiny and Chrome!

Challenge Coin history

While coins given out as a reward or for merit dates back to ancient Rome, challenge coins didn't come about until the 20th century. The most common origin story dates back to WW1. It was 1917, before America had entered the war, volunteers from all over the country were eager to join the newly formed allied flying squadrons. A wealthy lieutenant from one of these squadrons ordered medallions or "coins" struck in solid bronze with the squadron insignia and presented them to his unit. One young pilot placed the coin in a small leather pouch that he wore around his neck. Soon after, that pilot was shot down by ground fire over enemy territory. When captured, the Germans removed all of his ID save for his coin in the pouch he wore around his neck. During an artillery attack later that night, the young American pilot was able to slip away from his German captors, steal some civilian clothing, and managed to sneak back to the front lines. Eventually, he stumbled onto a French outpost. Not recognizing the young pilot's American accent, the French thought him to be a saboteur. He had no identification, but he did have his leather pouch containing the coin. He showed the coin to his would-be executioners and one of his French captors recognized the squadron insignia. They delayed his execution long enough for him to confirm his identity. Instead of shooting him they gave him a bottle of wine.

Since then, it has been a tradition that when asking someone to see their coin - the challenge - the reward is a complementary drink when the coin is showed, paid for by the person who presented the challenge. If the challenged cannot produce a coin, then he shall purchase a drink for the challenger.

Each coin comes in it's own custom inked 3x4 cotton drawstring pouch. Each pouch is inked with permanent, acid free Archival ink which is waterproof and will not bleed or fade. ... lenge-coin
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