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Gerber Mark II resin replica

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:41 pm
by tk4013
First off I want to say I would always recommend buying from someone on this board before seeking Mad Max props elsewhere. That being said, normally I would recommend buying this item from Max Replicas, one of our upstanding forum members. However he is currently not making these though. So in the best interest of our other members I would like to recommend a alternative source. I recently purchased a Gerber Mark II replica from a company called
Now I do not know these people personally, however I wanted to say I bought one from them and the service was great. The item was cast very well, packaged exceptionally, and I got it a couple of days.

Re: Gerber Mark II resin replica

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:36 am
by themanw/oaname
Not to step on your toes but I have an even better source with more trusted and tested credentials.


here's his feedback on the GB forums ... =32&t=5689

I know Nick through making Ghostbusters props (I've been in the community for well over a decade) and I have a few of his resin items to account for the quality of work (no bubbles, no flashing, little finishing work). He's recently branched off into other interests and that includes Aliens, which means he has a gerber mk 2 knife. I asked about buying his master if it wasn't a black blade Mk2 for my Max, while he returned it to the owner; he can do special casts to match Max's. He offers a stubbed blade and a full blade.

I didn't think to recommend him because I'm still debating if I want to spend the cash for a real one and get a resin one for outings, if anyone here was willing to use a resin one, and his location is in the UK.

I've learned while venturing out to other interests it's harder and harder to find a decent "company" that makes replica casts, and the more info you can find: the better. Im not able to find very much about Alchemy Arms and their line up of replicas matches a lot with arsenal models/cool models very well known recasters.

I REALLY wish maxreplicas would start selling the spanner again. That thing is driving me up the wall.

Re: Gerber Mark II resin replica

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:34 pm
by tk4013
Yeah, if you live in the UK it sounds good. Me personally living in the USA I really hate buying from outside the States, too many hassels.

Re: Gerber Mark II resin replica

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:44 pm
by themanw/oaname
Yeah I totally understand it can be frustrating, but he's great with dealing with us USA customers. I dealt with him for a run of something and it took a while because it was a run, but I imagine if someone orders from his site it'd take less time. I'm really on the fence about his MK2 because I want a real one, but at the very least I can use it for an envelope knife. Even the stubby version is a plus if someone chooses resin. I've learned with Ghostbusters props and checking out other projects that reaching out over seas doesnt hurt. I mean, you cant get a BONDS raglan tshirt in the USA. much less most of anything Max wears.

Im REALLY very particular who I do my prop replica business with and wouldnt recommend anyone that doesnt meet my ridiculously strict standards, much less go out of my way to recommend them on a forum I JUST joined recently.

As for my personal overseas issues: I ordered one very small, very old and very hard to find Sloan socket cap panel lens from a guy in France for 75 bucks (after ordering 3 from him a few months before for less than that), his English wasnt very fluent and he sent them BOTH times in a very small paper envelope even after I expressed concern and offered to pay to upgrade his packaging. He said he would. THAT was a total buttpucker of a wait and I was so pissed when I got ANOTHER paper envelope.

Re: Gerber Mark II resin replica

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:12 pm
by tk4013
I really want a real Gerber also. I was gonna get one until I gave it some thought. The main reason I decided to go with a resin one was its a stupid idea to walk around with a real knife that size and not expect to get a rash of shit about it from the cops. No public places are gonna allow it. And the fact that I would already be packing a metal and wood Hudson replica sawed-off shotgun (some places wont even allow that). Also I really don't feel like having to explain myself face down on the ground. A well painted replica displayes just as well and is usually not a big deal with law enforcement.