grand theft auto mods and more

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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Tue Aug 22, 2006 3:31 am

last but not least tutorials to answer what should be the big questions about this darn modding of gta buisness.



If you have never had experience with GTA modding, follow this guide through carefully to learn how to edit car attributes and install your own / downloaded models.


- A .img editor - ImgEd / IMG Tool

- a '.dff' file

- a '.txd' file

- a GTAIII or GTA: Vice City installation


Before we get started; the procedure for adding cars to GTA: Vice City is exactly the same as for GTAIII unless otherwise stated:

OK, let's start:

Open up your GTAIII installation/directory (Will be 'C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII'; replace the 'GTAIII' ending with 'Grand Theft Auto Vice City' for the Vice City directory). A quick way would be to go to your Start Menu, and click on 'Run'. Then copy and paste the above without the speech marks into the box that appears, then click OK.

Once you have open your directory you are ready to start. This directory is where all the information for GTAIII (or Vice City) is kept and run from when the game starts. Open up 'models' the folder. You should see a number of files including two called 'gta3.img' and 'txd.img'. These are in fact two folders, not files, which contain the models (gta3.img) and the textures (txd.img). Models are grey blobs in the shape of a car, with no coating/skin/paint, whatever you

want to call it. They have no glass, tyres nothing. It's completely lifeless. The textures are images that coat the car and make it look real. They wrap the car like wrapping paper.


Now you have a basic idea of what is inside the txd.img and gta3.img files it's time to see what's

inside. You cannot just open these files though. They contain all the models and textures the whole game uses and require to be opened using a program - the .img editor that is listed in the requirements section above. If you do not have one yet visit the web address beside it on the requirements list to download it. I recommend ImgEd as it is generally more practical and offers better features. Open up your .img editor and go to 'File' at the top-left and click on 'Open'. Now locate the gta3.img file and double-click on it. A vast list will appear before you. This is every model in the game - building, car, boat, person. Absolutely everything. You should have one of these. It was a .dff file that came with your download. Scroll down and find the car that you would like your new car to copy over. Delete the one you find and place your one over by either right-clicking on it and clicking import in IMG Tool, or go to the top on ImgEd and click 'Action' then 'Add'. Having done either of these locate your .dff file and load it, just make sure it is named the same thing as the car that was just deleted. Sorted! You don't need to save, just exit and your done.


You should now have your .dff model inserted in the gta3.img file. Putting in its textures is very easy once you have done this. Do exactly the same except place the .txd file that came with your download in txd.img. However, on Vice City, the .txd and .dff files are both placed in gta3.img. Ignore the txd.img in the Vice City directory. Again, make sure the new file is named the same as the original that it is replacing. Now your new car will appear in game instead of the car it replaced. However, the handling, size of wheels, colours and name that appears when you get in are probably not right. Read on to find out how to fix this.


To edit anything other than your car's model or texturing, you must go into the 'data' folder in your GTAIII or Vice City directory. You can open pretty much any file in here with notepad (type notepad.exe in the Start Menu Run box to load it). To edit the handling you must open up a file called 'handling.cfg' with notepad. When you first open it all the numbers will look very daunting at first. Don't worry, it's not too hard. Scroll down to where it lists names of cars at the side and then series of numbers next to each. These numbers should roughly be in columns. You should then notice that the whole thing is like a large table. If it is not, go to 'Format' at the top of the notepad file and click off 'Word Wrap'. At the top of each column there is a letter. Take note of a letter and scroll up. Find the letter listed above all the cars names. Beside it it

will tell you just what that number does to the physics of the car, what it will change and the

limits to which you can change it. Look at certain cars like the cheetah for example and notice how it has a high value for the max velocity. Get to understand it and study the file. If you get good enough you can change a number of things like the suspension of cars and make them lowriders and other such things.

The car you downloaded may have come with its own handling line. If it has a ReadMe.txt file included with the download then open that and it may have one within it. It would look like a big long line of numbers. Simply copy and paste it into the handling.cfg file next to the car you want it to effect. Don't worry if there is uneven spacing between each number compared to the other entries. The handling line will work as long as there is a line or more between each number. Also make sure there is at least a space between the car name and the numbers. Your done! That's how the handling.cfg file works. You'll be glad to know that that's about as challenging as it gets.


When editing the wheels of your car you would use the 'default.ide' file that is within the same folder as the handling.cfg file. Within it you can edit the size of your car's wheels, the hubcaps it uses, where it will appear in the game and whether it will drive around in-game or not. This file basically is what holds the whole game together. At first upon opening, scroll down to find a list of cars similar to that of the handling.cfg. At the top of each column it tells you what that category is. Most are self-explanatory. Model name is the name of the model within gta3.img it

should use. Txd name is the txd within txd.img (or gta3.img in Vice City's case) that it should use for that model. Handling Id is the car name it should read in the handling.cfg file. Class can be quite important - worker and poorfamily cars turn up on the first island the most often in GTAIII, executive appear the most often on the second island and richfamily the most on the third island. If it says Ignore it means the car is not supposed to drive around like any other normal car in game. Change this if you wish. Lastly, Big refers to the trucks like the Linerunner, etc.

Now the numbers. The first, is the frequency the car appears cruising around. The second and third are completely irrelevant, but the fourth is more interesting. Take note of a number and then scroll up to the first list on the page. Find your number on the list. If you chose something like the banshee's one, it should correspond with the word 'wheel_sport'. Any car given that number in that column will have the hubcaps of the banshee. The same goes for any other cars and their hubcaps. Finally, the last number. This denotes the size of the car's wheels

in-game. 0.75 is about average, 0.1 and we are talking big, hefty truck wheels and anything near 2 is monster truck. They are very, very big. That's the default.ide file wrapped up. Oh and again, as long as there is a space between each number the game will identify it as a different number. They do not necessarily have to be within the right column, a space is fine.


You can change your car's colour by opening up the carcols.dat file in notepad within the 'data' part of the directory. Having opened it you should see sets of three numbers descending down the left hand side. It is very simple really. Each set of three numbers is a colour. Left from that you will see its ID number. It is a hash (#) sign followed by a number. Next to that is a colour name, like 'green1'. that and the word that follows it are simply a description, for your benefit in identifying what colour it is. The clever bit is that the ID number from the top, can be copied

without the hash (# in case you forgot) next to a car name that can be seen when you scroll down. Study it and you will work out how you enter what colour the car has: [NameOfCar], [primary colour], [secondary colour]. You can simply add as many as you like to that, as long as at the end of a number a comma (,) and then a space is left. You should have worked this out however already if you have two brain cells to rub together. The primary colour and secondary

colours are not to hard to understand. A perfect example of the prim colour and sec colour is shown on the soft-top stallion. The primary colour is the main body colour, and the secondary colour is the soft-top roof. Some cars simply don't have a part to be the secondary colour so entering one won't have any effect. However, your car will not work if it only has a number for the primary colour even if it is a car that does not use the secondary colour. Just put in any random number and you'll be fine. You must also understand that the order you put each set of

colours in will have no effect on the order they appear in the game. It is purely random.

Now for editing and creating your own colours for your car. This is extraordinarily simple. Scroll back up to the top of carcols.dat. The three numbers on the left side of each row are a mix of three basic colours; blue, red and yellow. The far left number is the red, then the yellow in the middle and the blue on the right. Each go to about 300 max. So of you put '250,5,5' you will have a dazzling red. You should get the picture. To keep the original list and create your own colours with their own IDs, just go to the end of the list, just before all the cars start, and start a new line. Copy and paste the line before and place an exact copy on your own line. Change it accordingly, taking special care to name it the next ID from the one before. So the last on the list is 94, name your new one 95. Fiddle with the three colour numbers to get your new colour just right, and enter a description on the far right of the row and a name of the colour next to the ID number so you can keep track of what colour it is if you wish. Now give your car that ID number and it will have your colour the game! Unfortunately you may not get the exact colour you want straight away, the own way to get it perfect is by trial and error. Start the game, review your colour, exit game, edit your colour, start the game. Kinda dull I know.

You may get with your download some code for the carcols.dat file along with your .dff file and .txd file. It would be inside the ReadMe.txt if the download has one. It would comprise of some new colours to add to your list, and a line for the car the new one is replacing. Add the new colours to your list, changing any IDs the new colours may have to different ones if you already have other colours under that ID number. This is very important, otherwise your game will not load and crash each time you start it. Well done! Now you know how carcols.dat works!


You now know the basics of modifying cars for GTAIII and GTA: Vice City.

san andreas


1.GTA San Andreas System Requirements

2.Backing Up

3.Installing The Mod

--Method 1: Using IMG Tool

--Method 2 Self Mod Installers


----San Andreas Mod Installer

--Installing cloths

--Installing Weapons


5.My Mods arn't working!

6.Adding mods to Xbox and PS2

7.Patching your German, 1.01 or 2.00 version of gta_sa.exe

Starting off

1.GTA San Andreas System Requirements

You need to make sure you computer can run San Andrease. Theese are the Requirements.

Recommended System Requirements:

Intel Pentuim 4 or AMD XP Processor (or better)


16x Speed DVD Drive

4.7GB Hard Drive Space

128MB Video Card

DirectX 9 compatible sound & video drivers

Keyboard, mouse or game pad

Minimum System Requirements:

1GHz Pentuim III or AMD Athlon


8x Speed DVD Drive

3.6 GB Hard Disk Space

64MB Video Card

DirectX 9 compatable sound & video drivers

Keyboard, mouse

2.Backing Up

Before you do anything to the game, back up the files you are going to mod. I usally copy the GTA folder and rename it "Normal San Andreas" And that is good because you can play MTA and SA-MP with the normal version and play it modded with the foloder you are going to mod. If you have minumum space just back up the files you need.

3.Installing the mod

There are a couple of ways to install mods in to San Andreas, you can do it the normal way using IMG tool, or there are some Auto mod installers. I will show you how to use each one. (In this guide I am only showing how to install cars.)

Method 1: Using IMG Tool

1. Download img tool from the link[color=#0000ff size=3]here[/color]

2. Download a car from[color=#0000ff size=3]here[/color]

3. Read the read me, which should have the handling and other things wich you will need too. It should also say what mod you need to replace. So go into GTA3.img , wich normal should be in Rockstar Games/ San andreas/ Models

4. Now what ever car you need to replace find in there and delete it. In the ZIP file you downloaded there should be 2 files wich should be .dff and .txd and extract them and then go into img tool, go to edit find and search for example.dff and delete it. Then add the one you downloded. Then go to example.txt and do the exact same thing!

5. Now all you have to do is replace the handling. Open handling.cfg in /data with Notepad in the read me there should be a name of a car then lots of numbers, example

PHOENIX 5000.0 20000.0 2.2 0.0 0.1 -0.15 85 0.7 0.9 0.52 5 200.0 26.0 5.0 R P 6.0 0.55 0 30.0 0.8 0.08 0.0 0.28 -0.24 0.59 0.4 0.25 0.1 350000 20286000 00708403 1 1 0

Now if yours sais Land Stalker or somthing else search that in the noteoad using ctrl + f. Once you find it copy the one in the read me and highlight the other one and paste to replace. Then 0pen carcols.dat in /data with Notepad (again) and in the readme most of the time there is another thing that has the name of a car and a couple of numbers. Not usally much. And do what you did with the handling and it should be installed!

Method 2 Self Mod Installers

There are 2 main Mod installers

Self Mod Installers[color=#0000ff size=3]GTA Garage Mod Maneger[/color] and[color=#0000ff size=3]San Andreas Mod Installer[/color]


GMM is simple.

1. Download[color=#0000ff size=3]GTA Garage Mod Maneger[/color]

2. Once downloaded Install it.

3.Download a GMM mod from[color=#0000ff size=3]here[/color]

4.Run GMM

5.Click on installer then click on install a car package. Select the car you want to install. Then a Car Mod discription and click on install. And then the new window show open and click ok. And it should be installed!

San Andreas Mod Installer

This one is another automatic mod installer.

1.Download San andreas mod installer[color=#0000ff size=3]here[/color]

2. Once downloaded install it.

3.Run it. Click on Install a mod.

4.Select your San Andreas Directory, where you installed it too. It should usally be C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\

5. Then on the second one select the mod you downloaded. Wich should be in a ZIP folder. Then click continue. The Handling should be there automaticly if not get it from the readme in the zip file. The press Continue again. Type the name of the car you are installing and the car it is replacing. If you don't know which one to replace just look in the ZIP and look at the .dff and what it is called. Then install it! And its done.

Installing cloths

1st. Download img tool from the link[color=#0000ff size=3]here[/color]

2. Download the cloth mod

3. Go to San Andreas Directory and then modles. Go to Player.img

4. In the Zip you downloaded there should be a (or more) .txd files. Remember the .txd file name.

5. In image Tool go to edit, find and type the file name in. Once you have it selected delete it. Add the .txd file in the zip. and it should be done!

Installing Weapons

1.Download weapon mod from[color=#0000ff size=3]here[/color] or another website.

2. Open the .zip file.

3. Look at the file and see what the name is.

4. Open GTA3.img in that will be in the modles folder in the San Andreas Directory.

5. Search for the file that is in the zip. (not the readme)

6. Delete the one in the gta3.img

7. Add the one in the Zip file. It should now be installed!


-Make a copy of your whole San Andreas before installing mods you can use it as back ups and for MTA!

-Make a foldor where you keep your mods. You can have a Folder called GTA mods. In there add a foldor called GMM Mods, Weapons, Cars, Installers, Total Conversions, ect.

-Try too look for total conversion mods wich are much less of a hassel to install and usally replace more cars that you would of done your self.

- Look at more than one site for all your mods.

-If there is somthing that shows views or rating look for the mods with the highest ones!

5.My Mods arn't working!

First thing you need to know is if you have the second version of San Andreas you CANNOT install mods. If you baught the game recently that should be your case. Well if you have the first version and your mods arn't working just use the back up you should of made of the .dff or .txt and install them like you did with the mod or if you made a copy of gta3.img delete the one with the mod and replace it with the back up. But if you do the replace the gta3.img you will lose all your mods! But if you didn't back it up you can download them from[color=#0000ff size=3]here[/color] . If you don't want to download it then you will have to reinstall it or try to reinstall the mod. If it is that mod that is bad and not the installation you can replace it using a mod that replaces the same car and replace the old one with the new one and it should work. But if you used San Andreas Mod installer it automaticly backs it up.

6.Adding mods too XBOX and PS2

Yes you can mod the xbox and i think the ps2 too, I am not the one who knows how to do this search google.


More info on modding GTA for XBOX[color=#0000ff size=3][/color]

More info on modding GTA for PS2

People have installed mods on the PS2. Barton Waterduck, the author of the Mission Builder script compiler, installed a mission mod called the MultiMod on the PS2. You have to copy the files to the PC, mod them there, then either burn a new DVD or copy them back to the PS2 hard drive (if you can run games off the hdd.) It is possible, but it simply just isn't worth the trouble, particularly since some files (like .txds) have slightly different formats than the PC version so you can't always use a PC mod as-is.

7.Patching your German, 1.01 or 2.00 version of gta_sa.exe

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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby aeromaestro » Sat Aug 26, 2006 11:38 pm

Thanks, LH. As soon as my back gets better, I will be re-installing VC and use your info. It seems better written than some of the mod sites I have been to. Great work.

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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Fri Feb 02, 2007 8:28 pm

progress after so long mods not fully dead yet. aussie muscle has lent me his valiant charger form need for speed i got it in 3d max and have begun work on it for the vlaint charger "rex" cars (yes there seem to be two differnet cars for the same character i'm doign both.) as well as i hoe pto have a valiant charger stock version.

anyways the main mesh has been prepared and so all i need to do is make a new under carraidge,make an engine bay complete with correct engine type (yes i have val charger engine refs up the wazzoo.make a newer interrior,door interriors,trunk in terrior,cut out the truck in back,cut out the door windows. make side mirrors,gascap, back tail lights fornt head lights and grille assebly,axels and liekly so ne wheels. i got interrior refs for almsot all of that for the correct val charger model so should not be a major problem.

more progress when i have anything.

p.s. also throwing around a concept idea what if alot of the cars were trucks i hoep to show yo uwhat i eman when i play around but if it is anyhtign liek in my brain it would be sweet imagien the red xa as a truck with the same parts jsut a truck or the val charger as a truck. wip shots comign soon.
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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:05 pm

modelign goes slow but i have fantastical news a team jsut came on line who are working as we speak in an assembly line of sorts to skin those betas you see above and get them working ingame and textured. landau and the rw interceptor will likely be first then move it up form there. so more releases more psots comign soon and more fo a reaso nto buy borought or steal yoruself a copy of gta.
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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Sun Mar 18, 2007 10:30 pm

wells i got news just er not form us. for all the mad max 1 fans there exists the goose mfp bike,toe cutters bike and the z1000 that goose rode with his leg up not to mention the goose hemlet all for sa

so get them while they are hot the readme was in english as well as japanese so i am confident we can communicate.

i hope to include these bikes with our files and even conver them to vc for those who cannot get sa for one reason or another.

our team was just about to finish our bike too heh oh well theirs is very well done. more news as it happens.
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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Wed Mar 21, 2007 4:31 am

this needs it's own space i wish i could pin this to the top of every page. but here goes the release post for those lost in finding our works for sa and vc. either a. read this or b. resgister over at ascendance and get them from the mor organized forum (and no that is not ment as a knock at thsi one thsi forum has supported us throught the dark times too.)


gosuke's goose mfp bike sa

[url=]gosuke's goose mfp bike sa[/url]

gosuke's mudgutts bike sa

[url=]gosuke's mudgutts bike sa[/url]

gosukes's toe cutter bike sa

[url=]gosuke's toecutter bike sa[/url]

gosuke's z1000a1 sa (bike goose rode in mfp parking lot with bum leg.)

[url=]gosukes z1000a1 sa bike[/url]

all bikes above are gosuke's he was generious enough to donate them to the mod for us.cuts out or main work now sorry vc only fans this bike at present is sa only but i will be converting at my nearest convinece.

wez bike sa

[url=]wez bike sa[/url]

wez bike vc

[url=]wez bike vc[/url]


big bopper


[url=]big bopper[/url]

last v8 sa

[url=]last v8 sa[/url]

mad max manoro "pursuit specail." sa

[url=,rar]Mad Max Manoro sa[/url]

march hare sa

[url=]march hare sa[/url]

red bat car redux for sa (fixed back wheels.)

[url=]red bat redux sa[/url]

red bat car vc

[url=]red bat vc[/url]

max's yellow mfp interceptor sa

[url=]yellow interceptor sa[/url]

player model/peds:

gosuke's goose biker helmet sa

[url=]gosuke's goose bike helmet[/url]

this is not done by our orginal team but a wounderful modder named gosuke all credit goes to him he jsut lent this to our mod.


lord humungus scoped .45 magnum sa

[url=]humungus gun sa[/url]

lord humungus scoped .45 magnum vc

[url=]humungus gun vc[/url]

mad max sawed off shotgun vc

[url=]mad max sawed off vc[/url]

more to come as mods come online some fo the stock cars to give a more aussie feel to sa are beign cleaned up and with permission i'll be undertaking the covertion of the gosuke bikes to vc for our people whom only have vc for one reason or another.

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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:25 pm

project over view time. just a veiw of our catologue of the finished meshes vs the wip brigade.

now two meshes in this picture are already beta one is released (the manoro in sa.) but one thing that is missing is carfaces goosebike as well obviously we have a great mfp bike already thanks to gosuke. the rest are going to skin landau is currently beign worked on the other half of the team i sent to get the road warrior interceptor done.


3 new additions. the landau stock version so far,the valiant charger using aussiemuscles charger mesh has replaced my old bad attempt and the desoto has been added. otherwise the red manoro is rather unchaged from last shot.


this on top of a mel gibson being worked on and a map peice the compund. cheers.
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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby Big Bopper Bart » Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:48 pm

Lord H,your RULE dude! those are sooo f**king AWESOME!
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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Fri Mar 23, 2007 9:32 pm

thanks a bunch means alot to me...might send off the finished product along witha legal copy of the game to miller see what he might think of our works.
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grand theft auto mods and more

Postby MM87 » Fri Apr 27, 2007 1:15 pm


lord humungus, I've registered on ascendence , but where can I find the RW topic? And I can't download from the page, beacuse: "You are not authorized to access the Downloads Area." Why? Thanks for your help!
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