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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby ammods » Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:35 pm

in the words of the great frank sinatra
i did it my way

this is what you will be able to say, at the end of the day..when it's completed, nothing more satisfying than knowing you did it your way, and you answer to no one..

wishing you all the best
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:59 pm

update: I know i've promised to start the mod again and again. well the speculation will be over soon enough. my semester is coming to a close for the and i have like a week before the summer semester starts up. i have two projects penciled in. a video intro for a web series i am hosting to be shot. and one mad max model. this won't likely be as awesome as it sounds. my plan is to do the grey toronna that has the hood mount from the landau. i have a great ref for the actual torona body..and studying 3d wades work will help with the front end of the car. it's likely to be the first and last car for a while as it'll take a long time for me to really develope the chargers. not much more to say beyond that. it's kinda down to me to keep pecking away at the mod and peck away i shall do. will post porgress shots when i have any. right now i am trying update my 3d max student copy because windows 7 does not like it and won't work with some features. anyways that's the news. toronna coming up soon. will post shots as i have them.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:45 am

I plan to make a documentry on the mod a small one that could fit onto youtube which would give you an inside story on the's's life and it's end..or is it over with. you'll have watch to documentry to find out.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:19 pm

work continues slowly. might post a render or two soon but not much progress really to show. been hell getting max to work again for modeling. but work on the torana has begun.

What's done:
1.modeled the hood,damaged it up a bit according to screenshots and cut a square hole on the one side.
2. reshaped and implanted one of the hood mounts from the landau as seen on the torana screens
3. modeled the the roof siren horns,with mouth,and the lone siren

to-do list.
body including the fender damage.
hook up the hood mount to the engine (or not since it was a prop anyways it's not important
model the interrior

I do not know what rims were on the torana and 3d wayne seems to act like he doesn't know what I am talking about when I ask him for modeling refs since he made the torana (minus it's red stripe.) already. I don't know if he honestly doesn't know what I am talking about (he's an australian modeler so that's not likely.) or he's snubbing us for reasons I don't know. but I've stopped trying to ask him for help since he seems to not want to share. so whatever. he's a good artist but he doesn't seem to care about the gamers like me and my crew have.

from here I am looking at the charger (s) since again i have screens of two slightly different valiant chargers. finaly got my hands on some great refs for the charger and a friend of my from melborne sent me photos from when he pulled the engine out of his charger. plus i have great underside refs thanks to aussie model maker on this very forum. I am thankful to those,especialy in australia whom give us some honest help. this project will never fully die and as you'll see it's not getting far but I am only one man. but we appreciate help since google doesn't seem to find as many refs for the base cars used in mad max and the road warrior.

soon I also hope to get things set up for the thunderdome truck max had (sans camels of course.) as that trucks grown on me in recent years. the documentry however is on hold while i upgrade equipment. but should make for some interesting viewing. this mod is so strange if you only knew the full story.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:25 am

I have started to model again.

anyone know a good image host so I can showcase the screenshots?

I am doing this mod or at least the models for use with games. I making no promises anymore. that said I am hard at work on the grey torana right now and most of what needs to be done is part of the engine,the
interrior and the body plus the front bumper. once I finish this model up then I'll see about more like the valiant charger(s). beyond that I will always try to finish as many models as possible. I have some issues with my current install of max so it's hard for me to get references into max right now and I don't know why but like the desoto will be an issue if I cannot get a good ref into it.

fury roads vehicles look great in some cases so if I have a chance to get refs (since the movie does seem to be a go.) and would love to make some of them as well. but first we do road warrior and and then some
of thunderdome and them we'll see about fury road in the future.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:49 pm

The Torana is closed to finished. I have most of the interior done (looks like from old photographs it only had one seat for the driver so I'm going with that.) now the work most centers around on the under carriage, the dashboard and looks like there was shifter maybe...hard to tell but it looks like the model I am remaking for this mod had a spot for a shifter but no shifter and the body of the car. so I'll put on in if I can find refs. if not I'll just go off of shifter styles of the time.

Thanks to Wayne 3D shot of his Manoro Hq I feel that the only thing really holding the manoro back (the red skull one from road warrior/mad max 2) is that front end. I think I have a better idea of it then I had from screenshots. so yeah. I might try to shoot to finish up the manoro tonight since it might not take me as long to craft it. I wish wayne would share his refs but it seems he'd rather keep to himself and not help fellow modelers out for reasons I won't even guess. I don't know why acts like he does but all I can say is ...not cool dude. this project could benefit from your know how and your refs but you seem like you don't want to help anyone even though we are no threat to you. you are already 100 times better then I'll ever be and I mean it. but you seem to have refs that we don't and all I have asked in the end was some help with that.

at any rate I don't wish to start drama. at the very least wayne has helped out in what he has posted and hopefully that front end that's given me so much trouble can finally be crafted and the car can one day live again in gaming.

my goal in the end is to make the gaming life easier for future mad max fans wanting to put these great machines ingame and not have to struggle with a lack of models or worse yet a sea of vehicles merely labeled mad max that are not anywhere near what the show was. after all with luck fury road will bring in new blood to this fandom and with it people hungery to do more then just watch the movies.

been reading up on this "Little Big Planet karting." game for ps3. sounds like set peices might be able to be modeled in 3d. if so you better believe mad max themed levels will be abound. but if it's the old bait in switch then well what can I say. other missed oppertunity.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:48 am

Work continues nicely.

Took at a look at the red Manoro HQ tonight and you know what I realized? there is a roll cage in the car. from far off it looks like part of the cars frame but it's not. the more I look at some production stills the more I see what it is. so I have to put that into the car.

work done tonight. I realized the the roof was a very small strip and not a medium size one (yes size does matter) so I shrunk it down. and tossed out the old front end you might have seen long ago. then I cutting the hood up cause I realize part of the problem was the hood center where the buick front end was mounted onto the manoro hq hood was to angular and not enough curves. so I fixed that. then molded the top of the front end (which is also part of the hood. who know. anywho the hood and front end top are done and that's a big victory torwards this car getting done.

tomorrow I shall try to model the new front grille and hopefully some new hear lights. if I can get that done then I can do the damage model and work with the car from there. almost looks like in some screenshots that the manoro had bigger back wheels then front. will keep look at that as I have these great wheels already installed.

point is the manoro is almost ready for skinning which would mean I could finaly place it into the finished mesh brigade. maybe someday someone will come along and skin of us again. but I doubt it will be any time soon. it's a shame because this manoro is look very mean. no work on the torana at this point as the manoro is so much further along and I feel I have better chance as making that work then in forcing the torana.

forgot all the meshes I had planned like the zg fairlane and the desoto. after the torana I think I'll hit up the chargers and then the desoto. also I plan to do a dune buggy or two from MM2 but after that I think MM2 will be finished. saw a physical model someone made of the lorrie that goose got burned in. the gate bus is likely not to make the cut it's just hard for me to get good refs of the bus in it's entirety. might add it to the list.

as far as thunderdome goes my main plans are this.

max truck
older mack train
the cow car
and well maybe jebadiahs plane if I can get the right refs together.

beyond that the other machines are either just not really worth the effort or they have very little refs to go by which makes them useless to attempt.

as far as fury road

the revamped interceptor
and maybe the truck that has the luxury sedan mounted to the semi truck frame.

I am not a big fan of the new black truck nore most of whatelse I have seen as vehciles so far. but if more catch my eye then I'll add them to the list.

I still plan on trying to get stock aussie cars together since I love the base cars that were turned into mad max masterpeices. with a possible bonus set of go kart versions of the mad max cars because I have seen some amazing go karts that were made by the automotive companies themselves with shells almost identical to those of the real cars. would be cool to have a ford falcon go cart and the like. maybe even some golf kart versions too since people are making high detailed shells for the rich and famous. but we'll see. modeling these beauties is half the battle.

if anyone wants to help with refs of the bus or has good pictures of the fury road vehicles I'd love anything people have that may not be on the web. especialy the zg fairlane.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:28 am

As Promised the roll cage has been installed. I may have an image hosting so I can show you the work that is done.

The rollcage really is starting to make the Manoro HQ look a lot better and a lot more like it's movie counter part. now as to the front end however...-sigh- it's proving to be a bit more difficult.

I have the bottom "beak" as it were in place and it works but doing the areas around that bottom beak and then to do the grill it proving to be a night mare. but it's one I will over come. I have some fill for the front end done but I need to do the grille next and then work on the lights. I just don't like the look of the lights at all and it's bugging me when trying to get the front end to look like it should.

so in some ways the hardest part of this model is fininshed and it's close to being more down hill from here. I was mostly right in my scope of this model and soon the red HQ will join the rest of the finished meshes. then it's back to the Grey Torana and beyond. I am finding time each night to push a head and I have the will to do so. so expect more finished meshes as time goes by. and looking at some of the fury road cars and trucks I have a few I hope to get better views of when the movie comes out including a truck that looks pretty cool from a far. but so far,to be honest, I am not a huge fan of the cars I am seeing. I just wish that even if they are starting over they'd at least stick closer to the orginals. but then again a fury road interceptor redux might be good if I can find out how the rest of the car looks for the film.

at any rate fury roads a ways off and refs will be even longer off so fury road and furosia will be the ends of the road for the models. I have contacted aussie muscle for more refs on the goose ute. with the ute done I think we can call it pretty well quits on the mad max chapter of this mod. though I will be trying my hand at a ford falcon or two myself maybe even a BoB outside of fury road. lot's to do but one more mesh is closer to being in the can. so we'll see how it all goes I love modeling so this is a good thing.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:50 pm

I actually took a break last night and started to look at the desoto.

first when I looked at some high res screenshots I noticed that the back bumper does have some fill in it. something I thought was not there because the back bumper is not mounted directly to the desoto. so I fixed that. it also has some little bits of flare near where the liscense plate would go one one side has it welded off (possible to make it seem aged?) so I fixed that.

then I imported my leaf springs as they are present in the screenshots. here's the thing...the leaf spring brackets for the axels seem to be reversed to that axel is mounted under the leaf springs not within. this, along with the support fram were jacked up to give the desoto it's slant. thanks to aussie muscle for the pictures he sent me of the model he made of the desoto as they have helped me to figure this car out more. speaking of flare I noticed the desoto specific model had peices of flare near the headlights. they are almost like shark fins only small and metal (style of the time) anyways I went ahead and modeled them as well. I took the door from an impala model (the one we used for the impala mod that has not been released but is finished for the most part) and will be using it as a ref to model the back doors for the desoto as it's roughly the same shape and size. the plymoth fury model I am using as a ref needs heavy heavy work to be anything like the desoto. infact it's not something I am using ulitmately except to model the parts that are so very much a like when I comes to the desoto. thought I found old photos of the progress I had done and almost cried. I had the headlights done I had the front bumper modeled and I lost it in the last big crash.

well no matter. I installed the wheels I made for it as well as the hot rod side pipes the desoto had. but this care will require a hugh amount of work to get running.

a totaly new body will need to be made. along with new bottom (as the bottom of this mesh is featureless) a back and front axel assemble is also gone basically put this will have to be build from the ground up. the fury makes a decent start for body styles and shapes but it's only a 2 door model which means a lot of modification to the fury design will have to be made before it can ever begin to look like the 4 door sedan we all know and love. that said this isn't bad news just means with the chargers...this will be a total rebuild job. then again I did it with the mack and look how that came out.

all in all this is all shaping up well and I think I have a handle on the issues plaguing my 3d studio max install. least I hope so it's not like discreet will help me with an old old student copy of max. so I am on my own if I can get refs into the modeling plane then that will make a lot of this work go faster. if not then by eye is going to be the best that I can do on a lot of these.

next post will be an assement and then later today I'll get my pictures set up so I can show you all what I have been doing with myself here.
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Re: grand theft auto mods and more

Postby lord humungus » Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:16 pm


mad max: 80% finished.
current status: inactive for the time being while road warrior is worked on.
left to do:
sandman panel van
ute goose was burned in

specifics: ute has some refs but more are needed. sandman has a shell but ti's very low poly and may need to be built from the ground up. but a ref model is present.

mad max 2/road warrior.
current status: active and current focus
left to do: pink desoto
dune buggies
valiant vh dart car
chargers 1 and 2
red manoro HQ
grey torana
zg fairlane

specifics: desoto needs a complete rebuild but most parts are in place for the extras. dune buggies will be a ground up rebuild and more refs are needed but will taken from the movie. the valiant is proving hard but
an old project artist has donated a mesh for the basic body if I can convert it I can then get it into max where it can be finished up. the darts gun is maded from another model. the chargers have plenty of refs but will be a complete ground up build. nothing has been done on the new models so the old models shown will not apply to this. red manoro HQ has come a long way and mostly just needs the right front end to make it work. grey torana has most of the parts in place and just needs an interrior and a body. also the hood moutning needs a little rework as it's simular to the landau but the back of it is very different so simply using the landau hood mounts and calling it a day won't work. lastly on the list is the zg cop car. this will again be a build fro the ground up. I have some good refs thanks to some of you out there and I think you.I feel some of the roof parts are ones like on other cars so that won't be hard to salavage. as to the rest of the cars,bus and bikes they are basicly lost in all this. the bus might be doable but it's not going to be easy and would be a complete build from the ground up. the bikes just aren't worth the effort and I personally don't think anyone will miss them.

Mad Max 3: Beyond thunderdome.
current status: inactive for the time being.
left to do:
max truck
the older mack truck train
cow car
possibly jebadiahs plane

specifics: nothing is done someone long ago found a mesh for the plane and never got permission to use it and the project died not long after that. so everyone on the list will be a complete build from the ground up. but I have plenty of refs...good refs for almost everything listed including the cow car. now I know people have a hate for the cow car and I don't know why. it's an odd car sure but it's got character too it. and max drove it. but I digress the rest of the vehicles just don't make for good screenhots and unless the car makers want to share I don't have enough to go onto make models. with the exception of the car made out of popagellos car but I don't really care to do that car. sorry.

Mad Max:Fury Road/Furosia
current status:inactive pending release of the movies.
left to do:
the new interceptor
random pick up truck
some of the tanker trucks
possibly more vehicles and or bikes???

specifics: I don't have a clear view of the entire fury road interceptor so aside from the front end I have no clue as to what other differences with the interceptor exists. but when I know for sure you better believe we'll do a fury road version. the random truck looks like it might almost be like an ivan stewart off road racing truck with armor. so far from the small views I have of it they look awesome. I like the non black tanker truck but I may warm up to the black one when the movie comes out. as I might also like other vehicles in the film. we'll just have to wait till the movie and game come out.

the scope of this project is huge and at times over whelming but I remain committed. thought this I have found myself loving modeling again and will continue to do so from this time forward. when this will be done I don't know as I said I make no promices. but getting these lovely models done is a huge concern of mine. I love these machines both in the movies and in real life. and I want you all to be able to have the chance to love them too.
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