Building a wasteland vehicle..

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Re: Building a wasteland vehicle..

Postby Interdictor » Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:16 pm

Zarana-x, I actually had a pin vise at one time, but I'm lazy, and the x-acto was already in my hand.... :lol:

HFR; No worries, mate. It takes more than that to get on my bad side.

I have major fits of creativity, working into the wee hours of the morning. It just takes sooo much time scratchbuilding
some of these bits, that a week of crazy modeling results in subtle progress sometimes.
Then, I will see something in one of my other builds that sparks inspiration, and i'm off and working on it for a while...
It also helps in that I can let one project dry or cure, and work on something else. Otherwise i am prone to getting ahead of myself too.

Your work is especially good if you have only been at it a year. Keep it up!

Surprisingly, there are 90's, 80's, 1 rare 1979 model, and 50's and early 60's Ford truck kits. All wrong. :cry:
I need a '67-74 model that is unavailable.
I have made "substitute" models before, but ultimately, I'm always unhappy because I know it's not right.
I'm just a bit OCD.
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Re: Building a wasteland vehicle..

Postby aussie muscle » Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:39 pm


This is excellent work. it looks very purposeful rather than the often 'tacked on' look most post-apoc cars look. it looks like a 'bitsza' without being silly, like something you'd actually build if you were there (unlike the turbo looking things on the Landau).
The weathering looks good, although the roll bar looks a bit too reddish (more browns would look more natural).
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Re: Building a wasteland vehicle..

Postby Interdictor » Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:29 pm

Thank You! I put a lot of thought and effort into building these; as if I was building a 1:1 rig.
I rarely stick something on just because it looks good. Everything must have a purpose in my minds eye.
This one is close to being done, but it will receive additional coats of blackwash, rustall, and dirt.
The blackwash especially dulls the color, and brings out texture and detail, but because it is on a white background, more of the red hues in the rust are apparent.

I'm pretty good with Aussie slang, but "bitsza" is a new one on me. :D
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