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Postby Bronze21 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 11:02 am

Greetings. A while ago, someone was working on a drawing of the MACK tanker. It looked almost finished and was pretty accurate. Anyway, there's a website now called where you can download the file that let's you create anything you want, and then buy the bricks to build your specialized kit. With that being said, why can't we get some of us together and blueprint out some of our favorite Max vehicles like:

The big Technics BoB that Alex Zorko already built

The tanker (finish the drawing and order the parts) that Chris Walley started

The small yellow Interceptor that Todd Trotter built


I'm sure it might cost more than kit-bashing sets, but it'll be what the fans want...just an idea. Cheers.

PS: I'd definitely buy the tanker. Realistically, you'd be looking at the $150.oo US range for something that big...but it'd be worth it. Alex's Interceptor MKI would be around $300.oo, but they would be just too cool.
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