1/18 Interceptor Diecast

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1/18 Interceptor Diecast

Postby XA351GT » Sun Sep 12, 2004 11:22 pm

Hi everybody,

there has been a discussion on the Biante forum about a 1/18 Interceptor model. It seems that whomever holds the licencing to MAD MAX wants a fortune to allow diecast versions of the cars to be made. My question is does anyone here have experience with copyrights and such? My question is would it be possible for a company, Biante or anyone else to make copies of the car without any reference to the movie or characters there in without stepping on any copyright laws? Here's my view Ford owns the rights to the XB coupe design which biante already has licencing to. The nosecone and roof spoiler originally appeared on a ford show car so the Movie rights guy can't lay claim to that all the other bits are off the shelf items. So what does he have the rights to beside the MAD MAX name ? As i see it a unbranded version of the car shouldn't be a problem. Yes or No ?
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1/18 Interceptor Diecast

Postby andrewb » Sun Sep 12, 2004 11:28 pm

XA351GT, Good point as a model of Biante quality would be exquisite. I asked Bev last year as soon as I heard of the Aoshima kit, but she explained that Warner Bros wanted too much in fees etc...

My query was, How can a small company like Aoshima afford to pay royalties etc?? Yet big Autoart is too poor to even attempt it?

The other way to go could be like that crappy resin kit by Cavalier- just make it appera superficially likt the Interceptor ( ie XC dash, etc..)

I certainly wouldnt mind paying a bit more for a Biante Interceptor, Would you???

Maybe a petition is the way to go- to convince them of guaranteed demand (Ill take 4)

Cheers, AndrewB
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