MM2 Aoshima kit...

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MM2 Aoshima kit...

Postby gunn » Wed Jun 30, 2004 8:51 am

hi all.... i just made a custom diecast of the mad max car in 1/64th scale which took over 80 hours to make. this is just a mock up of it currently makeing one that i hope to have casted in resin with a lot more detail no decals were put on this one except the lic plate im also making 6 others that were in the movie all will be 1/64th scale .right now i have the road warrior on the table being made and hope to post pics of it soon heres a link to the mad max car please scroll down the list on this page till you see custom i think right now its #10 on the list thanks for looking ....later gunn
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MM2 Aoshima kit...

Postby FordMercury » Fri Jul 02, 2004 1:42 am

Bronze21 is this(aoshima version) the best road warrior interceptor replica right now?or is there better?

thanks for the attention.
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MM2 Aoshima kit...

Postby M_I_Zombie » Sat Jul 03, 2004 5:20 pm

Also to add to the Aoshima car its a MM2 version only. But, you can buy a kit from A/FX to make it a MMI car. The price runs around 25$ USD. The fitment is excellent and requires very little work to match up to the body. The kit gives you the lower valance, rear set top, back glass filler, trunk lid and rear spoiler piece.

To FordMercury, the Aoshima is by far the easist to assemble out of all the BoB models out there. If your not an experianced modeller or do not have the time and patience go with the Aoshima. I have assembled just about every version of the Bob out there on the market and none that I have found are absolutely correct. They all seem to have their minor flaws. Many of them can easily be corrected if you have the time and access to the right materials to recreate items such as the dash or the door panels. Most of this kits are mass produced garage kits and they are modified versions of other cars.
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