Aoshima BoB

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Aoshima BoB

Postby Havoc » Sat Nov 08, 2003 4:34 pm

Okay, RW fans and fanatics,

When I build my BoB kit, I want it to be as accurate as possible. Max has a lot of crap in his vehicle...of course, most of it is hard to see in the film. He's got some sort of can hanging on the dry cleaning hook behind the driver's seat, a camoflage net, a cardboard case of Dinki Di dog food, Jerrycans, and some sort of low metal basket with unidentifiable stuff in it... Anybody else figure out or have pix of the conent of Max's vehicle...?

Along those lines, if you look REALLY closely at MAD MAX, I noticed that Max has a motorcyclce helmet like the Gooses' on top of the back seat below the window in his Yellow Interceptor... Maybe it was used as a Riot Helmet...?


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Aoshima BoB

Postby marchhair2273 » Sat Nov 08, 2003 4:52 pm

"Maybe it was used as a Riot Helmet...?"

there is the promo poster of him by the interceptor wearing a helmet like goose's it could be possible that it is a riot helmet but no use for it was put in the script.

i take it you like to build resin kits.... im partial to vinyl myself, but resin is very detailed , im new to the garage kit world and just love it!
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Aoshima BoB

Postby mad_manx » Sun Nov 09, 2003 5:04 pm

Sorry for not getting back sooner, all. My Aoshima kit came last Wednesday, and I'm really quite impressed. I'm a much bigger fan of the first movie car, so I'll likely be scratchbuilding a boot lid/spoiler, rear valence, and windscreen(as well as the lower front spoiler) to make it more to my liking. After poring over the new kit, I'm seriously thinking about stealing the Arii wheel & tire set I had set aside for the Torino-based model. Those wheels & tires they supplied leave a lot to be desired; they're not really "bigs & littles" like the 1:1 car had. I'm still very impressed, and feel no guilt for dropping that amount of coin on the kit.

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Aoshima BoB

Postby Big Bopper Bart » Thu Nov 13, 2003 1:25 am

I SCORED A Aoshima BoB OFF EBAY!!!buut the total is 50$ kinda rich for my blood but i am selling my last two Mad Max models to cover the bill,. ones a BoB replica and the others a silver/black cop car and their based off The Road Warrior/MM2 the BoB has a post front crash they can be had for 30$ and can be seen in the Barts mad max models in the general area both are detailed and acurate and i spent alotta time on them please email me at if your interested Thanx
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