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Lord Humongus Gun (v1) first attempt.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:29 pm
by lord humungus
Pics coming soon.

this is my first time making a prop for photowork and film. these are toy guns i am using as a base. the scope is a rifle scope which will have a pvc fitting on the end for the back end. eventualy i'll get the right kind of paint and primer to paint the pvc end to match the scopes body. it has the correct clamps for mounting. it won't have glass in the modified back end...not yet. i found two revolvers i can combine to make the a long enough barrel for the revolver. this will be my first attempt at this as thus the v1. as well as the fact that the pictols i found in my area are terribly inaccurate so obviously these won't be the final guns for the body. i also have a pvc cap i hope to fit on top of the scope as the nobe on top seems a bit too small for the real gun. tonight i hope to fit the pvc adaptor to the back and get the guns barrel cut and glued so that i can hopefuly mouth the scope by tomorrow.

maybe i'll look on e-bay for an airsoft pistol that would be exact to the body. my main focus is the scope as that's the one area i feel i can get accurately done. the body will be a fill in as specified. i'll take shots of it tonight and try to post as i get the gun going.

i always loved that gun and only now started on replica work. got a terminator AMT HARDBALLER long slide with laser scope being worked on for me. this is the first gun i have confidence that i can do this gun at least and make it very accurate. more when i have it.

Re: Lord Humongus Gun (v1) first attempt.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:54 pm
by HUMVEE Driver
You might want to check out these two threads:

There's a ton of info about Humungus' revolver in there.

When I looking into buying my replica, I had it narrowed down to three different replica/airsoft guns. But for the life of me I can't remember which one I went with, or even the company that made it! I'll see if I can dig up any more info.


Re: Lord Humongus Gun (v1) first attempt.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:54 am
by lord humungus
i'll look for that replica since it's perfect to the gun. i see we got the same scope but i'm going to try to find a bigger scope end to mount to the back end as the scope's back end is too small. i thank you for the links hummvee they shall come in handy.

UPDATE: the gun barrels been lenghtened, the bottom barrels been cut and sorta shaped to fit the 357ish body in the movie. i don't know as the barrel will hold the weight of the scope we won't know till tonight. the more i work with it the less i like it in someways but then again this is version 1.0 so it's not going to be super perfect. found out the one of the lens covers for the scope would be perfect for making the top nob bigger and therefor more accurate to the movie scope.

i found out the end of my scope comes off and the little ridged seperator thing is correct to the movie scope. as stated above,rather then using the pvc (or rather the pvc adaptor will be plan b.) i'll seek out a bigger scope end to mount on the back. i may have to scower ebay for one as i was not sure i saw one at the sporting goods shop in town where i got my scope at. we shall see. but money is an object here so it'll likely be a month or two before i can get the scope bit and longer then that for me to get the perfect gun body.

i promiced you pictures and i won't dissapoint but it'll be later today. i am leanring a lot from this first creation. we'll see what i can do over time. trying my best to get everything in order for future photo and film works.

as for going full blown with a case that'll probably happen in the far future i don't have a lot of outlets to work with here. but we shall see what is what. for now i am more concerned with getting the gun to be more movie accurate.