just one small question as an absolutly beginner!

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Re: just one small question as an absolutly beginner!

Postby Max Replica » Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:01 pm

Gothamcityprops wrote:Ty very much for all these infos and wow it looks not realy easy to get that suit done correctly right? So if I understand everything correctly here and on other treads the blue Bonds raglan shirt would be a big problem to fins and also the correct and original Rossiter boots. I realy hoped it would be a litle bit much easyer but fine so the hunt would begins after the correct items lol.

Greetings Guido

You are correct. The blue bonds shirt and the boots are the hardest to get if you want originals. But you can just use a regular blue t-shirt that is close and most people will not notice the difference. And you can find Russian and other types of military boots on the internet that can be modified to look like Rossi boots by an experienced shoe maker.

And if you search this costumes and props forum for words like MFP, you'll find a lot of costume tips that will help you.
Good luck.
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