Whats this worth?

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Whats this worth?

Postby Dragonforce » Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:44 am

I was going to donate it to my local Fire Dept for their nostalgia collection, but decided against it due to it's rarity. I want to now find an axe for it. I am going to do a Road Warrior figure using a life sized mannequin. I am in the negotiating process with an ex-fireman for a hydrant spanner and pouch, he doesnt have an axe though.
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Re: Whats this worth?

Postby Max Replica » Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:47 am

Axe pouches are sometimes on eBay U.K. for as little as 5 pounds. But they aren't always totally accurate. Yours looks a lot like the accurate one that I have, so it would be worth more to a Mad Max collector. Up to $50 maybe? Possibly much less. Hard to say.
I am working with one of my leatherworking experts on maybe offering a replica accurate axe pouch to fans in the near future. It may or may not even come with a replica axe handle sticking out of it.

As for axes, you can get firemans axes regularly on eBay UK for between 20-30 pounds I think. Usually they don't come with pouches, but sometimes they do. I managed to get one that was a reasonably accurate axe, in a very accurate pouch, and included the original firemans belt (which I didn't need but was still cool) for about $75 U.S. (that included international shipping costs).

As for the actual axe itself, I've never seen a firemans axe from the UK or Australia that was 100% accurate, but most of them are pretty close. I own two myself and will probably sell one of them at some point. I'm also in the process of making an axe handle prop for myself that might be pretty accurate (after all, you only need the handle part for an outfit, the axe head is hidden in the pouch and never revealed in the movie.)

You may want to show me a picture of the spanner and pouch before you spend too much on it. There are a lot of innaccurate ones out there and they are still expensive due to their rarity and collectibility to those who collect firman stuff. I am in the process of having a very accurate screen pouch made that may become available to fans at a reasonable price. And Karol and I have the good spanner replica available at an affordable price as well. If you can get a screen accurate original spanner, great - but I had to see someone spend a lot of money on a spanner that isn't accurate.

(I should say as an aside, that I was able to get access to about a half-dozen Australian hydrant spanners recently, I have made a very careful study of them against the screenshots from the film and we have cast a NEW spanner replica that we will be selling soon - it is even more accurate than the one we previously sold. Details and photos coming soon.)
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