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Resin shotgun?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:21 pm
by MFP 2020
Just found this (from England): "1 X Mad Max style shotgun Painted Hard Mix" (You prop guys can clue me in to what "hard mix" is. I'm guessing it's a resin type.) (scroll down)

Expensive, but it has checkering (although it looks like it was based on an airsoft model).

Also, this:

Be sure to check out the belt/holster setup at the bottom of the page.

...and one more thing. Maybe this scene from "Rolling Thunder" is the scene people are thinking about (prosthetic arm notwithstanding) when they swear there was a "shotgun-sawing" scene in MM1? Just a thought.


Re: Resin shotgun?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:01 pm
by Max Replica
As for that British prop gun, I think it's a type of rubber rather than plastic/resin. Looks to be another Hudson gun knockoff because of that diamond shape logo thing on the receiver, but yeah, it does have the checkering on the grip, which is cool. Too bad there aren't more/better pictures of it.

And yeah, that modelguns uk site is one of the few places that always seems to have the discontinued hudson shotgun in stock. Probably because they charge so much for it. And it looks like that holster is something that Hudson made to go along with their gun (it has "official" logos on it etc.) - but wow is it wildly inaccurate. Seems crazy to think somebody would plunk down a few hundred bucks to have a pretty accurate shotgun replica and then not give a crap what the holster looks like.

Re: Resin shotgun?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:26 am
by framed
the resin shotgun looks exactly like my hudson shotgun with abs grips.
i bought this one for the grips. the wood version is totally smooth finished.
i also bought it from modelguns they are shipping worldwide i believe and are located in france i believe now?

Re: Resin shotgun?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:29 pm
by Max Replica
Interesting. I knew about the ABS version of the Hudson, but I never noticed that it had checkered grips. There are plenty of pics of it at modelguns-worldwide (formerly modelguns uk).
Looks like somebody made a knockoff version of the ABS Hudson.

The other interesting thing is, even though the plastic Hudson is cheaper it actually seems much harder to find than the deluxe metal and wood version. I'm basing this solely on watching eBay for the last year or two. The wooden Hudson comes up once in a while, but I've almost never seen the all ABS version for sale.