Helmet Questions

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Helmet Questions

Postby wm6929 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 2:00 pm

ImageThis may seem like a old question. What kind of helmets did they use for the original Mad Max? The one I am thinking is full face helmet. In the credits they thanked Bell helmets, but I was wondering what kind. Mid to late '70s, full face Bell helmet, or motorcross helmet?

I was looking at ebay at helmets and I was wondering if anyone knew the partical models of helmets.

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Helmet Questions

Postby OverheadCam » Mon Apr 18, 2005 7:16 am

Bell, Arai and Shoei were all that were available in the late 70's with limited model ranges..

If you searched eBay for a circa 1970 full face helmet and actually find 1 for sale...

leave it that way!...

those suckers were dangerous and had a useable life of, like, 24months!

They were made of fibreglass, had poor padding & web straps. And in a crash, had a tendancy to roll the riders head back and around...snapping their necks, there are a lot of quadraplegics that wished their helmets were better!

With the scooter craze going on, most manufacturers now are producing 'retro' models with all the saftey of the modern composites and CAD designs...check out the web...

haven't been there for a while but check out Shuberth (sp?)..

If Bubba Zenetti were alive today, he's be wearing a 'shuberth' flip front!
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