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Postby Mitch » Mon Jul 12, 2004 1:27 am

Hey all,

Found a German riot police helmet that looks pretty close to Max's helmet on the Mad Max poster. So I got one, and am gonna peel off the Bundeswhatever sticker and either stencil MFP or put on a Bronze badge sticker.

I got it from a company called Sportsman's Guide. They're online, and you can find the helmet under the mil. surplus heading. They also sell leather jackets, leather pants and engineer boots if you wanted to do a semi-authentic MFP costume on the cheap.

Whatcha all think? It was only $24.00US. The neck pad unsnaps so I took that off, and I'm gonna make a smoked plex faceplate.

Karol? You like?

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Postby Foxtrot X-Ray » Mon Jul 12, 2004 6:18 pm


Thought for a a second someone was starting up the infamous Motorcycle Helmet Law debate.

(do you lot have any such law in Oz?)

Those debates tend to get nastier than ANY political or religeous discussion.

Anyway Sounds pretty cool..

I'm familliar with Sportsman's Guide. I've bought a fair amount of Merchandise off 'em.
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Postby Mitch » Mon Jul 12, 2004 11:43 pm

So anybody check 'em out online?

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Postby Deaths Head » Mon Jul 26, 2004 3:25 am

I do believe they have a helmet law in Australia. But yes, good idea to not start the debate becasue it usually gets out of hand anywhere you bring it up.

Bundeswehr is what the German Army is now called.

It was Wehrmacht during the big war but they wanted to distance themselves from all the old military nomenclature.
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