!!!Does anyone have an MFP Badge???!!!

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!!!Does anyone have an MFP Badge???!!!

Postby Bronze21 » Fri May 16, 2003 3:31 pm

Foxtrot: Yeah, I hear you there on the authenticity mavens. I got out of it for about 3 years because of politics and the uptight people. I',m there to have fun, not get in a pissing match over the right texture of a fabric, or calling something Purepure verses purple, you know? When I do play, my personas are either Maximillian the Black - Gaul, around 1280 and Musashi no Hideyoshi Hachiman (ronin) Samurai- Heike Clan, around 1085. I've crafted 4 suits of armour already, and I'm working on an original-styled Japanese O-yoroi armour. So far, there's 1200 kozane tiles (13 hole pattern) with over 10,000 holes drilled. It'll take about 200 yards of lacing to do the Hebiki-odoshi style lacing...it'll look cool. My first armour was lime-green plastic vanilla barrels, then I found black ABS, then aluminium...lol.

I was thinking of doing the resin badges personally in a small run to whomever was interested. I'm thinking $25.00 or less plus shipping ($3.00). I'll craft them myself and cast them...just like the IP's.
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