Used to defeat Master Blaster.

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Used to defeat Master Blaster.

Postby Steve Pfeiffer » Wed Dec 18, 2002 3:32 am

It was only the other day while I was watching MM3 , that I noticed that the whistle used to take out Blaster was a "Bosun's Call". Being in the navy I use these every now and then.

If anyone wants to get there hands on a real one then I can help you out.

Glendinnings menswear in Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Perth and Melbourne (Crib Point) stock these things for sale.

It might just be the finishing touch for your Mad Max outfit...
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Steve Pfeiffer
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Used to defeat Master Blaster.

Postby THE PUNISHER » Thu Dec 19, 2002 6:29 am

Yeah, I've seen them in a Russian catalog I get here in the states called The Sovietski Collection. Not too many people have MM3 costumes, though. Most people just go for the MM1 MFP and stick with that. I've got numbers 1&2 in the works right now, but they're coming along slowly.
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Used to defeat Master Blaster.

Postby MFP1 » Thu Jan 16, 2003 1:26 am

I dont guess that the US navy is Mad Max enough to have those, so not in US surplus stores I bet.

How much do they go for?

Is the sound thay make at all similar to the "sound F/X" used in the film?

I am at least intrested.
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Used to defeat Master Blaster.

Postby racerx » Wed Jan 22, 2003 6:05 pm

Actually, the U.S. Navy uses virtually identical bosun's pipes. Shouldn't be too hard to track one down.

They're generally used to pipe dignitaries aboard. Surplus stores should have military issue ones, as well.
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