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Mad Max Badge

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2002 6:44 am
Hello fellow MM fans, as many of you building a MM costume know, many parts of the Max costume are not made by any modern company and what little is made is generally very expensive. Particularly the badge. There aren't many clear pics of the badge in the film footage so a few variations hit the market some years ago. Many of the companies that made these replica badges aren't producing them anymore, in fact, only one company is know to still produce them openly. This would be the MFP Clothing Branch, a Japan-based company that sells the badges, jackets, goose arm protectors, and a couple of other things. Anyone who has gone to the site knows that the badges are in the price range of $250.00. They aren't made of metal, they aren't cast from gold, they are just plain epoxy resin. They have no right to charge that kind of price. I am happy to announce that I have made my own badge mold BY HAND. The star is slightly different as it is sleeker and slightly wider, but since every other badge is a best guess anyway, mine is just as good. i made the badge from modeling clay from the pic of the replica from the MFPCB site. I then made a plaster mold from that to check it for flaws. I pulled the first cast from the mold today and it looks spectacular! I'm not cruel enough to sell them for $250.oo, so I am starting them off at only twenty bucks. I will take orders from anyone that doesn't have the money for the Japanese ideal. I don't know how well-off they are, but we Americans hold onto our money with dear life. I am planning on insetting two large safety pins in the back side by side. I will send four metal grommets with the badge for reinforcing the holes in your jacket. If you don't have a hole punch I will make a one for you and send it along. I never had a bunch of money lying around and I don't expect you to. Write me at Slayers_r_us8428 @ and I will send you a pic of the first one. They should be painted with a couple coats of bronze paint on both sides. I'm thinking of numbering them as well, so hurry and get your orders in soon.

Mad Max Badge

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2002 9:13 pm
by squeezer


I'm so glad someone else is allergic to spending $250.00 on resin! No Offense meant to the MFP CB but that's just too rich for my blood. If it was actually a cast or cold stamped Bronze Badge I'd see the price as being more reasonable. Please do send along the photo of your finished product. I'm interested in seeing your version and your pricing is certainly much more to my liking. I wondered about the Slogan on the MFP CB. Is it accurate or did they make it up? I had expected to see something like:

Main Force Patrol


As your post notes, a numbered badge is the way to go especially if you've ever looked at a real Police Badge. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your Wares, as it were.

Mad Max Badge

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2002 10:22 pm
It's about time someone sees it my way. The one I made is a little too large so I'm making one that's about 3 1/2 inches tall. I also made a pretty cool boot badge but I screwed up the mold and now I'll have to do it again. I'll send you a scan of the unfinished normal sized badge I pulled out of the mold so you can get the idea. You didn't leave an email address so write me at and I'll send them along. I'm also finishing up a replica shotgun so ask if you're interested.