Maxs knife/can opener

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Maxs knife/can opener

Postby SSGGlock » Mon Apr 08, 2002 2:43 am

I must say this is alot nicer than yahoo. I was once in the US Army and we trained alot with the aussie army. Spending time with them I acquired some of those knives. The ones I got have the Aussie army symbol on them and they come in the case ration pacs they get issued. Now this was back in 1995 when I got my last one from some soldiers. I am sure they still have them. I would think it to be easy for someone down under to be able to get hold of some aussie soldiers (esp. cooks) and acquire some of these. Or maybe some suplus stores may have them. I only have one left now. They are not anything spectalor, but anything you get issued is not that great anyway. The spike is for rigging on ropes to take loose knots and splicing together. The blade sharpens really good. I have used mine alot for everyday use with no noticable wear on it. Just my two cents and wanted to post somthing useful.

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Maxs knife/can opener

Postby Anklecranker » Thu Apr 18, 2002 4:31 pm

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