My Mad Max costume

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My Mad Max costume

Postby RedWarrior » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:03 pm

Hi, I'm Xel from Spain, I was preparing my Mad Max and my girlfriend aunty entity costumes for about 4 months, for the carnival party here in Asturias, north of Spain.
I have not much money to spend in this but with imagination, (hard) work and the invaluable help that I got from this forum, I think all is possible.
Here is a bit difficult to find some items of the caracter as football pads, Ford tailgate hinges or AFO (the same type of AFO), so i need to make them by myself.

Here some photos:

Image Image

This is the result, I know that most of things are inaccurate, the pad on top of the shoulder (the "wing") is too long, when I made it I found it too short compared with the captures of the movie, but when I did the shoulder plate and put in place I realized that it was too long, the shoulder plate isn't a real rawlings, I made it with fiberglass, the shape and measurements taken at eye.

The leg brace, in the tailgate hinges, has too big bends, when I made the bends on my workbench seemed right size, but when I finished and I tried walking was when I really realized that they were very big and bothered me walking.
The part of the ankle brace, is made with aluminum round tube, flattened oval, the bottom I could not adjust very well, maybe it's too long? was bothering me all night party ...

The gun is made from a piece of wood that I found, and a tube of a mop, initially I had done a mechanism that opened and closed by a hinge, but things are much better in the imagination than in reality and finally the mechanism does not fit well, so I decided to cancel and locking it. Nor am I happy with the color of the paint that sold me on the displays seemed more reddish, as in the movie, but then became more yellowish.

The belt is not accurate, I did it with pieces of leather, rivets and rings, as close as I could which I have seen that you have members of this forum.

The pants are not leather jeans is dark gray with a sort of plastic covering from a distance look like leather, so by this time served. I have a genuine leather, but are a bit small waist, I have to fix. Indeed, it has rear bags, so we are going one more time in the ground of the inaccuracy ...

The jacket is pretty good, it's not leather, it's vinyl or synthetic leather, at least has only bags on the bottom, and had no flaps brackets, those from below are placed by myself.
Not very good quality, but for now is fine, has good cut and feel good, serves as a standard for making a leather in the near future.

boots are the Soviet Army (thanks to Max replica for This clue) and are fine but they are not exact, the shooters in the top are missing, nor is done ​​the cut in the top of the boot, and also lack knife and its holster.
The straps and harnesses boots I think are good, and are fairly accurate, except maybe the buckles ...

The gloves are quite correct I think, are quite similar and have holes and broken in the right places.

I am also quite happy with the kneepad, I made a plastic inner base, and pasting over it foam pieces, then I covered all with leather I got from an old vest, then sewed and added rivets and belt, to finish.

Failing to achieve the hatchet, spanner and their covers, in addition to the knife, it's all quite complete, at least you can put on and the character is recognizable.
What do you think?

The last difficulty is that I am redhead, but this I think is also pretty well solved.

Thanks to Max Replica and Karol, for tutorials and research as well as other users who write and put pictures who help giving ideas and being able to see details of the parts of this costume.

Thank you all.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the costume aunty entity which also carried a lot of work.
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Re: My Mad Max costume

Postby ziggy » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:28 pm

Looks good to me, your outfit can only get better as you work on it over time.
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Re: My Mad Max costume

Postby Karol » Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:12 pm

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Re: My Mad Max costume

Postby smegma crazy2 » Sun May 19, 2013 1:31 pm

WOW brilliant i would be chuffed to bits with a costume like that
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