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Some cool stuff to wear to Road Warrior Weekend

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:10 pm
by Max Replica
Hey guys, I posted about this in the costume section a few weeks back, but I thought I'd mention it here as well. Since Road Warrior Weekend is a three day event, I'm putting together an original outfit to wear on the first day (I'll be wearing my MM2 and MM1 stuff on the second and third days).

I bought some stuff from this guy for that purpose and wanted to recommend his stuff to anyone else looking to put together a wasteland outfit for the event. Only two weeks left..

This stuff isn't strictly Mad Max, but it definitely has that wasteland feel. They make tank tops, t-shirts and accessories that look like they've been through hell, when in reality they're perfectly clean and all of the stains are done with paint and dye. Great to have as a base layer to pair with shoulder pads, a string of bullets, Aussie carpet padding, whatever.

Check it out:
General galleries here:
and current items for sale listed here:

I bought a couple of his tank tops and they're really great.