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Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:51 pm
by MFP1
Well it finally happened. I had decided to build the "F100 Cobra Truck" 2 years ago last summer and happened on an AWESOME deal (FREE) on a beat up, but fairly solid 1968 F100. I knew it was a Long Bed, and not quite right, but the price was convincing so I went for it. Once I had it home just couldent get started knowing it would never be quite right, after seeing how the Cobra Truck Decal set [from ] wouldent look right because of the bed length between the cab and rear wheel...........
Anyway, fast forward to this winter, and I see a Shortie 72 F100 for $500 advertised. Through a stroke of luck, he was willing to make a even trade for my 68 longbed, no cash out of either pocket.............. :o

My Red XA Bat is far enough along that I feel like I can get another Maruader going now, and maybe even have it done in time for the August Roadwar Northwest 2009 in Washington, and the Mad Max Event in Cali in September.

HUGE thanks are due to Humvee Driver, for his "Building the Humungus Machine" thread, which served to really get my blood boiling to get this done (THANKS DAVE!!!). That most recent photo of it nearly done in the driveway was the final straw (and its about time for a new "Building the" thread to start, so we can all stay inspired).

Here is a first look at the "Before". Before she even got off the trailer.

Here she is arriving home on the trailer. Before long (crosses fingers) it will be towing the Red XA to events as the infamous Boat windshield F100 Red Cobra Tow Truck.

Correct Grille:

The bed is really only about 2 feet shorter, but the decals wouldent fit right if I had kept the longbed.

Not in Bad Shape Overall, but its got issues (rusty bed bottom, Cracked windshiled, seemingly a fair ammount of bondo on roof and B pillars and a sunroof cut in), so I dont feel to bad about what I am about to do to this rare little truck. :twisted:

So It Begins.........

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:40 pm
by Justice
I am really "in love" with that era F100. If I would ever get a truck, it'll be one of those. Black with the same rims as pictured. And a hot engine in the front! Hahaha!

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:36 pm
by MadMatt
Cool deal man! Nice to see your 72 grill has been replaced for the correct 1970 grill! Heres a pic of my 1972 F100 long bed i have had since i was 14. Its fixed up to look like a 1969 Ranger clone it has a built 390.....
cars and family 00098.JPG
cars and family 00098.JPG (144.69 KiB) Viewed 3812 times
cars and family 00099.JPG
cars and family 00099.JPG (138.49 KiB) Viewed 3812 times

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 7:04 pm
by 9 inch
its great to see you guys diggin in to build the vermin replica vehicle`s. your roadwars will really will appear authentic to the movies!

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:35 am
by HUMVEE Driver
Wow, man... awesome! 8-) If I was going to make another Mad Max vehicle, I'd choose the red F100. I salute your efforts, and I'm glad I helped with the motivation!

If you want some "Building the ___________" advise, take your project one step at a time and try not to think of everything you have to do all at once. I know that's helped me make it through. It's a long road, but damn if it isn't satisfying when you're done!

I believe the wheels of the red F100 are called 'wagon wheels' with eight 'triangles' in each wheel. I see you have them already, so you're set there. Though I seem to remember someone saying there were ten 'triangles'. Keep checking eBay for exhaust stacks, and for the quad dart gun, a steering wheel u-joint makes a good stable swivel point. The rest will have to be fabricated. Not sure about the windshield... you may try calling a boat place and asking if they have some old ones for cheap. It looks like the windshield is just held on with rivets. For the roll bars, any exhaust/muffler place should be able to bend some pipes into the right shapes, and then a welding shop can put them together. The rotating lights should be easy to find, and I'm sure someone out there has an old towing assembly you could get a hold of. Any steel shop should have the diamond plate you need.

I'm looking forward to your updates on this project! Kick some ass!!!


By the way, if you're talking about the 2009 Road Warrior Weekend Event event in Cali, it's in November not September, so that gives you a couple more months to finish it. If we could see the Humungus Machine next to your dog of war... :o :o :o

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:10 pm
by nfpgasmask
This is awesome. Glad to hear of another buildup taking place. I think my XC Coupe should be starting the journey over from OZ within the next 1-2 weeks. I am really hoping to have it by May, so I can start cracking on the loads of work needed to get the car fixed and MM2ed out.

With any luck I will have my very own build up thread on here soon!

The anticipation and excitement is KILLING ME.


Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:20 pm
by TheDarkOne#1
Nice project.

Base car looks very good to me .

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:39 pm
by MFP1
I'm strating with the humdrum basics today. First 2 things happening at once 1)Making a "Build Refrence Book" of Screencaps and "Behind the Scenes" shots and B2TM shots (similar to the book I made for the Bat) and 2)Get 'er runnin', basic clean up and evaluation of systems. The block is freshly painted Ford Blue......... Um, but so is the Dist. Cap, Plug Wires, Aircleaner (including parts of the element), but the rest of the bay seems to have escaped overspray.......... Too dark last night for a pic of the mess.

Justice: I agree. I had an old 65 Chevy, but I like these far better, probably my favorite 60's/70's truck style. :D

MadMat: Sweet 69 Ranger clone! Bet that 390 kicks some butt. My longbed had the 390 FE Auto, but I got a downgrade in the deal for a 302 4 speed.... Still fuel economy will be better unless I toss the 351C or 460 in. I thought this was the Correct 1972 Grille from what I had learned, but if it is from a 70, it is still the right one from the film. 8-)

HUMVEE: Thank you for the Kudos and reassurance! I am sure I will need it in the months to come. I had to do the F100 Cobra as the second MM vehicle too! Can you see this thing hauling the Red XA (on a trailer of course, not in the sling), what a sight! Ill try to take it one task at a time.

Sadly, I only have 1 "Correct" rim on the truck, look close at the other rim on the back (got one more of those and another off rim) so I am going to have to seek out the corect rims and some good rubber on CL or someplace, maybe I can find some $10 rims too! The Quad dartgun is going to be fun, I may even try to have it fed by compressed air (bad idea but cool). Its hard to tell from the shots of the Truck (some of the B2TM shots are revealing), but the windshield and door side parts lok like simple aluminum channel frames pop riveted to plexiglass (the doors open, but do the side glass roll down?). Ill try to go for that look with a bit better materials. I am thinking I might have some serious rollbar parts made (in case I roll it during a Roadwar taker chase)......and there is LOTS of diamond plate in that truck, they fabricated the "tow bed" from a shortie and D.P. (cut out rust, add Diamond Plate). The roatating light might be an O.K. special order from MMC with an Amber dome instead of Max's blue, closer examination is required.

I did mean the November Roadwarrior 4x4 weekend in Cali... COOL! extra time, Every extra day counts! Found that out building the XA for Roadwar NW, Barely made it! How cool will that be, 3 of the Muarder vehicles, with the Humungus Machine as the Vanguard!!! and a host of ratted out 4x4's and other vermin inspired rigs........... I am already drooling, get my camera!

nfpgaskmask: Oh YEAH! It would eb cool to see your XC project up here. DO IT, I am sure I am not the only one who needs inspiration by living vicariously in the projects of others! I know how the WAIT is, but man will you be stoked when May comes around!

TheDarkOne#1: Thanks, it was a matter of paitnece and not starting on the "wrong" truck I had for over 2 Years!

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:48 pm
by MFP1
Ever wonder how much better HD Screencaps are? These are my inspiration, and a critical refrence for wheels, Sidepipes, I can even make out the tread of the tyre enough for police forencics to determine what type it is I bet!

With special thanks to Cueball for posting the HD shot many moons ago, I am as floored by the diffrence as I was then.



Anyone recognise those Square Foglights on the Hood?

Re: Building the F100 Cobra Tow Truck

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:56 pm
by Big Bopper Bart
This build is gonna be cake,its basically hacking off body parts as opposed to altering them and adding on. the p.i.t.a part of the build will be doing the windsheild and welding up the tow hook and fabbing the dart gun as well louvering the hood. thats an old school hot rod trick thats a dying art. Anyway This built is gonna kick ass I know it will :twisted: Its about time we see more replicas besides Max's famed ride.