My Interceptor Replica

Like the name says...

My Interceptor Replica

Postby two-lane » Fri May 14, 2004 4:46 am

Yeah so heres the page its at

Yeah, thats my Mad Max inspired replica. I had a blower on it that actually worked but i blew the engine. So i scraped it. I have one of the Interceptor style steering wheels but im too lazy to fab up a whole bunch of stuff to put it on. Once i get enough money i will probally get wheels that are more like the ones on the famous car, but im broke as hell so yeah.

Other info:

The engine is a 4 hp Briggs that ive milled the head on so i get about 25% more power

Im using a 1 inch pulley on the engine and a 8 inch on the drive shaft. The top speed of it is slighty slower than the real interceptor at 45kmh at 5000RPM

The engine actually sounds like the one in the movies. Kinda like a drone. When i lock up the tires it sounds like when the car is doing a burnout. Ive filed a few shorts but alas i cannot put them on the internet. I mocked the First chase scene in RW, i had 2 karts, a ATV and my 1974 Yamaha TY250 which i painted black forn the part.

If you have anymore questions or comments please post below:)
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