MFP on Parade

Like the name says...

MFP on Parade

Postby Bronze21 » Sun Jun 29, 2003 10:24 pm

This topic came up before I believe...several months My thought for Mitch's GOSSling was to paint it yellow, then the bonnet and rockers were blue, with red and white reflective pinstripes, and yellow or blue Sunraysias. I've done a cheesy/quick rendering of the BoB in the yellow/red/blue BoB and Pursuit schemes as well...looks kinda weird. I know, I know, send pics...I'll have to e-mail em to somebody to post...I don't know how.
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MFP on Parade

Postby Mitch » Sun Jun 29, 2003 10:34 pm

I liked it... We should have a gallery of all these ideas for inspiration, and see what people think.

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MFP on Parade

Postby 'Dog' » Sun Jun 29, 2003 11:09 pm

I think a BoB Falcon sedan would look really cool. A bit like a bigger version of the Aussie Escort RS2000 four door. Perhaps Barry was thinking about building one...

Has anyone ever put the Monza/Arcadipane nose on a four door in real life?

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MFP on Parade

Postby Interdictor » Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:21 am

That's what I want to know. The nose piece should fit a sedan same as a coupe, right?
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MFP on Parade

Postby rockatansky4073 » Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:49 am

Yeah i love that pic of the INTERCEPTOR restored temporarily for road use. cept i'd have Gloss not Matt on the bonet scoop, and i don't like the Zoomies like that.
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MFP on Parade

Postby Anklecranker » Tue Jul 01, 2003 2:26 am

I was caught by surprise at the rest stop area that Mitch refers to in the original post.

We were at the rear of the convoy due to trailered cars were issued to the back, lol. When we pulled up in line I looked over, about 200 feet and saw the Big Bopper and two Blacks in a row.

I got all choked up, lol. These cars did look very, very ominous. Gaawkers galore.
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MFP on Parade

Postby Aussiexports » Sat Jul 12, 2003 3:27 am

Where going to do an Interceptor XB Van as our parts getting machine. :) I will post pics when it comes about.

I was thinking about doing a ute, but I think a Van would be cooler in some ways. I know it will be similar to the Concorde van that supplied the original Arcadipane front, but we would use the Mad Max flares and roof wing.

Anyone around the Newcastle NSW area got a spare XA-XB or even XC Van? Doesn't have to be great, dont' care about motor, etc. Just need a good body thats got minimal rust and fairly straight, we don't even care if it's a bare shell, we have the rest. :)

See ya


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MFP on Parade

Postby XAMan » Sat Jul 12, 2003 4:25 am

There is a yellow MFP coupe in the 'Addicted to Bass' clip which is driven by the 'max' character. It's wierd at first but grows on you. The singer and sidekick drive the BoB.

I'm still tossing up what to do with my XC ute. I have a roof spoiler ... yes I will pick it up soon Cam! ... and would love to do it as a BoB with nosecone. I guess I'm still smarting from putting $14k into my HQ that doesn't get a serious call at $7K ... and that's my petrolhead slushfund that is disconnected from the family budget. When I do the sums it looks like I need to spend $10K appx to do the ute that may be worth $5-6K at sale time ... Oh woe ... Oh me oh my ... I should have stuck to stamp collecting!
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MFP on Parade

Postby torinoscj » Tue Jul 15, 2003 4:37 am

Well,this weekend was a blast for those Max fans in Portland,Oregon.the historic races were held at PIR on friday,saturday,and sunday,and both Phil's 'Big Bopper' and my BoB were there at the base of the tower.We even got to take the cars for a parade lap around the road course at noon of saturday and sunday.Had MANY people line up to get their pictures taken in the cars and had an all around great time.It's just too bad that the guy here in town did not have his 'goose' bike back togather for the show.I met a couple of guys that are thinking of doing the 'Nightrider's' HQ,that would be really cool to have another member for the Mad Max Carnival show.Cheers,Bill

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MFP on Parade

Postby AussieCoupes » Wed Aug 06, 2003 6:46 am

Hi guys been busy of late. Here is one of the things I have been up to!

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