Black on Black GSXR1000 (Ghost Rider)

Like the name says...

Black on Black GSXR1000 (Ghost Rider)

Postby Intceptbuilder » Mon Mar 31, 2003 12:06 am

Hi All.

Have any of you guys caught up with this legend on film?

I don't mind a fast drive, and I will drive fast as often as I can, (re: the blower in view over the hood footage on the L/A video at 160 MPH) but I always stack the odds as much as possible in my favor.

I look for empty roads, and distant locations to drive fast. As much as possible I minimize the risk element and control as many aspects as I can.

But this guy make's me look civilized.

This guy is the total opposite, he looks for the situation that presents the most elements out of his control, then he cuts loose like you can't believe!

This guy is an out and out Death wish!

This fellow is shown dressed in all Black Leathers, on an all black Suzuki GSXR1000. We see him emerging out of a Stockholm garage and proceeds to give a virtuoso performance of absolute speed (and skill) in a ride you have to see to believe! This "Ghost rider" has strapped a camera to his bike and he heads off to average 170 MPH for the 15 minutes (42 miles or 68 Km) that it takes him to reach the next town. In the ride for perhaps the first 20 miles or so he is using all the road edge to edge and weaving his way through heavy traffic, often the bike's speedo can aften be seen pinned at speedo's recording limit of 299 KPH (186 MPH) as the GSXR screams at the rev limit in 6th gear!

This guy is brilliant, breathtaking, and insane!

The picture suffers a bit at the high speed, the commentary suffers from a translation into English, the sound track is a bit average but hell this is an amateur video after all.

And all is forgiven as the result is just brilliant.

You have all got to see this.

I got my copy from the pitstop book shop in Perth.

I have not seen my DVD all the way through yet. But I have heard that later in the video the anonymous "Ghost Rider", hits 340 KPH on a turbocharged Hayabusa in city traffic!

The Goose and this guy would be mates. I found this address with the yahoo search engine.

See it![/font]



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Black on Black GSXR1000 (Ghost Rider)

Postby Intceptbuilder » Tue Apr 01, 2003 2:01 am

Hi All.

I have got a bit more detail on this "Ghost" guy.

In Europe he is a living legend, his bikes are built with no race compliance restrictions and as a result they would put any GP bike in the shade.

Check the specifications on the "big bike" The custom built turbo Hayabusa, [/font]309 Kw of power out of a motor bike to give a MAX Speed of 439 KPH or in USA speak thats 270 MPH!

"When do we go for a ride"![/font][color=#0000ff size=2][/color][/font]

Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa Turbo special


1298cc in-line four[/font]




8:1, 4 per cylinder[/font]

Valve Springs[/font]

MC Xpress Racing[/font]




JE Turbo Pistons[/font]


Stock, Modified by MC Xpress[/font]

Inter Cooler[/font]

MC Xpress Racing[/font]

Oil Cooler[/font]


Turbo Kit[/font]

MC XPress Special[/font]



Fuel System[/font]

Fuel Injection 8 Injectors controlled by MC Xpress EFI-80X[/font]

Exhaust System[/font]

MC Xpress Racing[/font]



Max Power[/font]

309kW (417,15BHP), 1,64bar[/font]

Max Torque[/font]


Max Speed[/font]

439,06km/h or 270.9 mph[/font]


6 Speed (5 and 6 special by TTS) / Chain[/font]


Aluminium Twin-Spar[/font]

Front Suspension[/font]

Ohlins USD Telescopic Fork / Custom Made[/font]

Rear Suspension[/font]

Ohlins Shock Absorber / Custom Made[/font]



Brakes Front[/font]

2x320mm ISR Discs / 6-Piston Calipers by ISR[/font]

Brakes Rear[/font]

1x220mm Disc / 6-Piston Caliper by ISR[/font]


Avon Azaro III AV 50 SP Extreme[/font]




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Black on Black GSXR1000 (Ghost Rider)

Postby mfpmax » Tue Apr 01, 2003 3:42 am

Got it a few months ago. The Last Ride. Lives in the same country as the Getaway In Stockholm films...
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Black on Black GSXR1000 (Ghost Rider)

Postby Plain_MAD » Tue Apr 01, 2003 2:30 pm

You watched those Movies?? The opening in GIS1 is good, when the driver reverses from the Police Volvo.
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Black on Black GSXR1000 (Ghost Rider)

Postby Intceptbuilder » Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:42 pm

Hi Plain Mad..

Yep I got it about a week ago and I have watched bits of it every day since.

I watched the Stockholm ride again last night, and the 42 mile ride across to the northern town, in that last section of the 42 mile ride he has the bike pinned at 14,000 RPM and 300 KPH for mile after mile. And that GSXR1000 what a bike it is! I don't care if it is bike or car, it is a purpose built ultra high performance machine, the best of the breed, there is nothing superior. In the motor cycle world these are Interceptors, pursuit specials, outlaw bikes that eclipse all others.

This guy is excellent, he is the final extreme in road speed I don't think that there is a level above this[/font], some people consider my lond distance high speed open road runs in the coupes to be a bit "out there", I have raced areoplanes with the Interceptor, covered big distance's with a stop watch running, but I am light year's behind this "Ghost rider". [/font]

I am not sure about the section GIS1 you refer to , but I have not seen every section of the DVD yet.

I spent 3 hours working on flares last night and in the middle someplace I stuffed my meal down in front of the TV watching the Mad Ghost on the black bike.[/font]



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Black on Black GSXR1000 (Ghost Rider)

Postby Neobrit » Thu Apr 03, 2003 7:56 am

Cool ,I`ve seen it for sale but hadn`t bothered . I`ll go and buy it now.

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