New Ford Falcon GT FPV

Like the name says...

New Ford Falcon GT FPV

Postby Nitro » Sat Mar 01, 2003 11:59 am

Just read an article in today's Sunday Mail (2/3/03) about the re-emergence of the Falcon GT after a 27 year absence (no wonder it was called 'the last of the V8's). This is one mean looking car, and easily rivals the Holden HSV in power and torque (and is more affordable).

This is the car I want!!

Anyway, the article also mentions a brief history of the GT and of course mentions Mad Max, but strangely states that Max drove the XA 1972 Hardtop when it is common knowledge that he had a 1973 XB Hardtop...

It also includes this little blurb about the XB that some may find interesting:

1973: XB. At $6528, last of the line for almost 20 years. All-disc brakes for the first time. Most popular GT series of them all - Holden sold 1950 sedans, 949 hardtops.

1976: XB GT production ends.

Now, I'm not sure whether they are talking about Max's car because I didn't know that Holden brought out a GT XB Hardtop as well, but I'm not really too great with my history of cars.
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New Ford Falcon GT FPV

Postby Bronze21 » Sat Mar 01, 2003 12:29 pm

The writer sounds like hes "Whacked right out of his skull man...he ain't ever comin' back!"
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