Silverton Replica on TV

Like the name says...

Silverton Replica on TV

Postby Intceptbuilder » Wed Feb 26, 2003 10:29 pm

Hey XA man as you are around, what would you know about this..

This was a mail I recieved from my brother..

"Filming in africa, They could not get a studio here for almost 2 years, an Namibia looks a lot like here, so they say, there is a new state of the art studio there with no work, so I guess you go where you can get a booking.. half the money is Mels to get it happening.. see ya".

This sounds feasible. I am not to much up-to-date an MAX 4 because I expect that it will be a dud. But pray to be proven wrong![/font]



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Silverton Replica on TV

Postby XAMan » Fri Feb 28, 2003 6:48 am

Hi there Gordon

Everyone who is involved in the production is sworn to secrecy ... my understanding is that they have all had to sign a confidentiality agreement that requires them not to even admit that they are working on the project! As a result there is five eigths of bugger all being said.

This is pretty standard ... and I guess if I was investing$140million I'd be pretty concerned that my money was safe from beeing blown by someone blabbing ".... and at the end Max ......"

I know one person who's credited on two of the trilogy who, when I ask what she's up to at KM says "Oh ... bits and bobs ... bits and bobs ..."

I have heard that a student of mine knows the guy who's buying the cars ... well you can imagine that THAT twigged my interest but ... noone's talking.

As for Africa ... everything I've heard points in that direction and no doubt KM have a contingency plan in place in the event that the Bagdad Airshow goes ahead.

XAMan (Pete)

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