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Replica for sale in US

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2003 2:35 am
by torinoscj

Hi everyone,Rod Horner has a partially complete for sale in Indiana.Here is the e-mail that he sent me.
[div]I foyu know anyone looking for a project shell ( I.E. their own motor and tranny) I'm finishing up this shell as you read this I'm asking $10,000 USD for the car it has the full kit installed and in primer. It will need to be sanded and painted. and have the interior put back in the car.[/font][/div]
[div]If you would, could you please put it on your message boards.[/font][/div]
[div]Thank you,[/font][/div]
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[div]I cannot post the photos on this site,but I have put them up on my replica cars club site.[/font][/div]
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