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Mad Max Replica Stats

Postby PursuitSpecial » Thu Jan 23, 2003 3:36 am

Hi Guys,

I have decided to put up some more info on my replica stats page

if the owner's of the replcias want to do it. Basically if you own

one of the replicas, you can fill out all of the information below

the dotted line, and email it to me.


I can then put it into a text file that can be opened from the

replica stats page, so anyone can read what you wrote about the car.

I think the additional comments section will be a cool thing to have

for each car anyways. Here the owner can tell all about how it has

been modified, or anything else they want on the car.

Check it out, tell me what you think, maybe if any changes need to

be made? Or just fill it out, and send it in if you own a mad max





*File Current On:

Today's date, or whenever you send this information in, so we know

how old the information is

*Present owner and since:

i.e. Bob Smith since 2001 or march 2002, or october 12, 1999 etc

*Type of replica:

i.e. black pursuit special replica or black pursuit special modified

*Known Previous Owners (first to last):

Who owned it and When they owned the car until if you know it, first

to present.

*Replica Start Date:

can be approximate (may 2000) or spring 2000, or the actual day if

you know it etc.

*Additional comments about the car:

i.e. can tell name of car if it is named, or describe what mods have

been done to the car or how it differs from the movie car, or

history on the car or anything, like it was originally a 302ci car,

now has a 351C bored 30 thou over, ported heads, leather interior, 5

speed transmission, work done by this place, parts got through this

place, etc.

*Links to a web page dedicated to the vehicle if applicable:

[/font][/font] or whatever

*Anything else you think is needed???[/font]


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