Question for Gordon/Grant

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Question for Gordon/Grant

Postby Bronze21 » Sun Jan 05, 2003 9:03 pm

Greetings from Detroit. I was surfing and saw the pic of the white Falcon for sale. Do you guys still have it? It sounded like all of the major rust probs as well as the mechanicals were taken care of. It looks pretty tough to boot. What would you charge to put on the nose, fender flares, side flutes and purchase/modify the correct rims for it? I'm willing to do everything else body-wise. If you could, please E-mail me at I'd most appreciate it. Thanks. P.S., Great work on the Black that just came across the pond.

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Question for Gordon/Grant

Postby Intceptbuilder » Sun Jan 05, 2003 11:17 pm

WOW ... it sounds like you might have found the old dead parts site, (a couple of years old)as this site contained a description of the repair work done and planned for the car. Or you are refering to the picture only that is displayed on the new parts site.

The white car certainly did get a Maonza nose. We pulled it appart and rebuilt it into the "Los Angeles Interceptor" then filmed it for the home made video "last Interceptor to Los Angeles".

It appears quite a bit as the white car it was in the un-available and un-edited edited video on my first Interceptor. It was a great looking coupe, and a quick car, I won a few red light street drags in it. It never actually lost a drag from the lights. A Japanese thing (a Soarer I think) with its drag race numbers still on the side ran side by side with it one morning, and that was as close to being beaten as it got. Although and seriously built V8 would have beaten it, it was still a quick street car. It ran 3.50 diff and 14 inch wheels. So it got off the line quick, and still ran 130 plus MPH. It looked tough and was lots of fun. Even with the bigger 3:00 Interceptor diff and those 15 inch wheels and 295 TA tyers it was still quick.

Anyhow I will e:mail you.



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