4dr xb front spoiler wanted and falcon world

Like the name says...

4dr xb front spoiler wanted and falcon world

Postby Wayne Jones » Sat Nov 30, 2002 3:06 pm


some of you may remember me, i had a site titled falcon world now decised, but first some techy help.

ive just purchased a xb fairmant in imaculate condition, from a deceased estate pics coming withing week. anyway she only 50000 miles etc but i want a front spoiler, the ones used from mm1 are custom so is there anythign else out there apart from the xc cobra and blade style xb gt item. who sels the best priced cobra item???

about my website, for those of you who remember i had a extensive list of vehicles and their spec mail from mm2 which at that time wernt listed here at mmfaq, and sum which still arnt, such as the landau, which ive noticed a replica has now been built.

anyways xoom hosted the site but sum time ago yahoo? took them over and deciced not to host sites, thus it went of line, due to various, probs yr12, pleanty of deaths in family the large megabyte content i have been unable to place it online again. if you no anyone who will host high contaent sites for free please contace me.

a bit about my vehicles, at this stage i own 4 xb's 2 sedN and 2 coups. 1 coupe is a genuine gt the other is a faimont gs aka madmax replica (or when the time permits) i have the 3peice tail spiler genuine roof spoiler, steering wheel, dobros guage etc, so please dont take me as just another dremer, it is a genuine project, but currently under hault due to the arcadane front which no offence to those selling them but 2000 grand aus or us is out of my budget, so when time perits i highly modified van item will be used, which will look just as good to the origional, or ill refuse to use it.

1 sedan is a parts car and experiance vehicle, by that i meani try things on it such as 4x4 conversions etc. the other sedan is purely a grandpa car, imacualte and fitted out with a strait six and 3 on the tree and sheep skin seat covers it, is entered in the origional class at ford shows.

anyways gota go but hopfuly when my sites on line you will be able to track my progress of my various projects.

Wayne Jones
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4dr xb front spoiler wanted and falcon world

Postby 5.7 Interceptor » Sun Dec 01, 2002 3:47 am

Heya Wayne, long time no talk!! Glad to hear from you again. Drop me a line some time at 5.7interceptor@cogeco.ca

Cyas later!!

Doug in Canada
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4dr xb front spoiler wanted and falcon world

Postby MFP559 » Mon Dec 02, 2002 6:31 am

Wayne, where in Oz are ya??

If you're in Sydney I wouldn't mind helping you out with the fibreglass work. I agree, the prices are way too high- sorry guys! $2000 would be a fair price if you grafted the front onto the car ready for hi-fill, but not straight out of the mould.

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4dr xb front spoiler wanted and falcon world

Postby PursuitSpecial » Tue Dec 03, 2002 8:31 am

Yeah Wayne!

I remember you!

I liked your site, and I remember I changed the pic of your mum's red xb coupe to get the redness out of it. You had some good info on the MM2 cars I remember also.

As for the site, I use Geocities for my hosting. They let you have up to 15megs on there, that is usually more than I need.

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