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Postby XAMan » Wed Oct 16, 2002 7:52 am

Fortunately I have my copy handy ... It's here under 'C' ... Complete and utter idiot ... there's even a piccy!

Perhaps we could organise a working bee and the rest of us could do a 'backyard blitz' on your car while you sip cocktails at Peppers in the Hunter?

As a relative newcomer to this forum I feel qualified to state that the level of friendly advice and assistance given freely by members is really quite staggering ... if you're not getting what you want from the forum ... don't log on ... it's that easy.

You could always take a still from the film down to your local auto paint retailer who mostly now have a scanner that will either identify the colour or provide a formula to match ...
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Postby allan » Thu Oct 17, 2002 3:03 am


if you go to a spare parts store say repco or auto one who have the paints for sale(repco) and sell and mix paint(auto one) look at the shelf it will give a discription of the colour ie- iron cob grey -this is a metealic grey and give's the paint code so maybee if you pop into a store and look at the shelf the colour will be there i know monza red is there and chrome yellow so you just have to write down paint code and tada you have paint code and auto one will mix up for you as for the overhead console go to sam's web page and look at his he has done a console so i think he would know what it is so goto building a replica look at the console section and send an e-mail to sam im sure he will send you the info ya need also go to grant's site and send him an email and ask him as he has done and is still doing that car he is a good bloke to talk to for info !well he has helped me in the past

good luck mate as you have just got some bad karma from abouve post's

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