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Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 6:26 am
by Dave D

Hi all,[color=#0000ff face="Times New Roman" border="0" target="_blank"]

I'm seriously thinking about embarking on a Mad Max replica car project, I've found an XB that's not in too bad a shape & I'm pricing the bit's on the web. Now before I actually spend any cash I'd like to know how realistic it is to own & drive one of these in Victoria Australia. Are the Zoomies & the blower legal??, if not anyone know what happens if you caught driving the Interceptor with them on???. I've seen some cars on the web that have the police siren & light, again will that bring about a rubber glove search attitude with the law??

How many on here have Interceptors in Australia that drive them regularly??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 6:59 am
by Interdictor
Well known (around here) replica builder Gorden Hayes has written accounts on his site about dealing with "The Law". His experiences were enough that he finally sold his Interceptor because it was becoming too much trouble to drive it. Constant hassles. Now he just builds & sells them. There DO seem to be quite a few replicas out there though, Perhaps some owners can provide further insight.

Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:12 am
by Peter Barton

Blower and side exhaust are illegal. Police lights are illegal if visible. Siren is illegal if you use it. This is in Victoria anyway, although I expect most states have similar laws.

There are potentially ways around some of the problems, although it's a bit of work. If you're part of a car club you can get special registration that might let you have the blower and exhaust. Usually the special registration is just intended to get you to and from club events though - you can't use the car as a daily driver. The side exhausts may still pose a problem if they are actually hooked up (i.e. exposed and HOT). Maybe try inquiring at your local car club to see who has done what, and what you can get away with.

Some people have actually hooked their cars up so that the blower and side pipes are removable, this would be another option. This way on the major roads the car is pretty standard, but when you're out at the locations taking photos, etc, you can put the bits and pieces back on.

With the blue light, or roof lights on the other car, they would have to be covered out on the main roads. I doubt that even a club permit would allow you to drive with these uncovered. The siren I'm not actually 100% sure about - if you had it fitted but didn't actually use it, I'm not sure what they would charge you with (in theory they wouldn't even know it was there). If you're building the black car though I'm not really sure that you need either of these fitted, for the most part they're irrelevant to the black car.

Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:23 am
by Peter Barton

To answer your last question, I don't think there are any full replicas in Australia that get driven regularly. If you check the fan cars section, I think you'll find that the "SA Interceptor" gets driven regularly, but obviously it has no blower. But this would be another option.

There are a couple of yellow replicas in there that only need the roof lights covered to go out on the road, although I'm not sure that they get driven too frequently in any case. I think Steve Nicols drives his car around as a daily driver, but it has no roof lights at all.

If you did a fully detailed replica I doubt that you'd drive it regularly in any case. Most people here that have gone the whole way treat them more like show cars, and you couldn't exactly just park it anywhere without getting some attention. If you want something that can be driven regularly, you're probably better off doing a scaled back version.

Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:39 am
by Dave_H

If you are in NSW, I looked into regulations there a few years back:

Exposed engines are illegal (Must be under a hood. The hood must conform to certain shape requirements. believe it or not they work it out by rolling a ball up the bonnet!!! Exhausts cannot protrude past the natural body line. Interior cannot contain sharp additions (ie the mount for the blue reflector). Wheels can only be a certain width greater than what the car came with depending on year of manufacture. Fines for overly noisy engines recently increased.

In short NSW hates cars that are not boring korean hatches. used to have the guidelines online. not sure if they still do though.

Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:55 am
by nelson

Hi Dave, I have just returned from pulling the front, and fenders off my replica car, well the start of it anyway. Each state has different laws so best check with them. I know in NSW driving with the blower will get you defected. These days thats not such a big deal as they changed the rules so that all you need is to get a pink slip and its cool. So it will cost you $23. If you can repair the defect on the spot then they wont issue it, so I am planning to have a blower and zommies that disconnect. I wont drive it regularly with the gear on, it will attract too much attention. I mean, stealing, keying, the usual jealousy stuff.

Having seen Scott Pages replica just aboput painted I am more determined than ever. Like everything in life good things come at a cost. I have also been told that the offset rims cause bearing problems if the car is driven long distances so thats something else to consider. Then the never ends.

From experience I would suggest checking with ebay or posting here things that you need as if you have 'contacts' things can be cheaper....not cheap though.

good luck, keep us informed and ask questions. I have found people are more than willing to help

Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 10:32 am

Dave D

As far as I know the side pipes are legal if, they are not connected and have no sharp edges. The blower is legal if it doesn't work and doesn't block the drivers view. If it sits lower, like a genuine blower, and has a cover over the belt and pulley, I understand it would be legal.

Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 11:01 pm
by Dave D
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Thanks for your responses, you've all confirmed my thinking. I was leaning towards the idea of setting the car up with normal exhausts & just bolting fake side pipes on when I want them. The only hard part may be making a removable cover for the big hole in the bonnet that is secure enough not to fly off at speed. That way like you say I could drive legal & then add the bits when I want to.

Is there anyone here in Vic that has a fully/partially built interceptor that wouldn't mind me maybe popping by to have a look at what you've done & get an idea of the work involved.


Living with an Interceptor replica

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 11:51 pm
by Dave_H

Nelson, Interesting point about the wheel bearings, especially if the car is driven a couple thousand k's to the next max reunion...

If its any help to you or anyone else, I found the online link to NSW vehicle guidelines

or simply go to the rta site and go registration > vehicle standards > information sheets.