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Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:00 pm
by mahenoguy
I was just wondering if anyone else has considered the fate of the dead guy in the truck in MM2 ? The trailer seems full of Household items which suggests they were trying to escape somewhere when attacked by the " Vermin ". I say them because he obviously had a child with him ( Toys strewn through the wreckage , teddy bear on ground under where buggy comes to rest , Music box in hand ) and possibly a wife . He seems to have a Arrow in his neck and appears to have been there for maybe a couple of months ( Sealed cab would mummify to an extent ).What happened to his wife and child , Had the berserkers killed them ? Where are their bodies ? was It just too shocking to show a dead child or had the gang taken them ? Maybe the Feral Kid is the child , Maybe it is recognition when max shows ( Then gives him ) the Music box . Had the Gyro captain flown over the site when he went to The Pinnacles to observe the compound the first time ?
I think the Main purpose in filming the Corpse falling on Max and Max picking up the Music box was to demonstrate Max's complete lack of Empathy for a family that had suffered the same fate as his own . He seems to have a look of Nostalgic happiness as he inspects the music box , not sympathy for its owner . Even when he and the Gyro captain return to pick up the truck , the body still lies were it fell and is ignored by both of them . I believe that is drumming the point that the only thing that makes Max a hero is we know how he got there , Not due to Chivalry . ( I'm sure all the Bad Cops were once Good cops Too and I'm also sure Max has Killed and Pillaged as Much as they have ) My main problem with rumours that MM4 will be set after Thunderdome , is that he is No longer Mad . By the end of thunderdome we see a more caring , at peace Max who just wants to settle and would even sacrifice himself to save the Kids . With all his Icons Gone ( Shotgun , Jacket , Vehicle Etc ) I wonder what connection he could have with the original Mad Max except the name . I think some kind of pre-quel is all they could really do , otherwise it should be called Recovered Max 4 , Discontent Road . I hope the new interceptor is not just a publicity stunt , Bring on Mad Max 1.5

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:36 pm
by HUMVEE Driver
I've thought about that myself. One thing is for certain: the Mack was driven (or sat at idle) until it ran out of fuel. Other than that, it was in driveable shape.

So I think it was a man fleeing, either with or without his family. He ran afoul of some marauders, who dealt him a mortal injury. Do we actually see an arrow stuck in his throat? I'm not sure. I think he was able to (one way or another) leave the marauders behind and drive away. He drove until he ran out of fuel, and thought about parking on the side of the road. Then, at the last minute, he decided to try and block the road with his truck, which explains the odd position that the Mack is left in. I think he knew he was dieing and he wanted to hurt the cruel, cruel world a little, even something as small as partially blocking the road. So with the last drops of fuel he tries to get the Mack blocking the road. For whatever reason, he shuts the Mack down so the glow plugs don't burn out. If his family was there they would have taken what they could at this point and set off on foot. Then, pissed off and not being able to do much about it, in frustration and anger he paints "The vermin have inherited the earth" as his last words. Then he gets back in the cab and closes the door. I think he decided to die in the cab so wild animals wouldn't be able to get at his corpse.

Or he could have died behind the wheel and someone else could have came along and painted the words on the truck/trailer. The only problem with that scenario is that if he just passed out and the Mack slowed to a stop, he would have left it running. Then (like I said) the glow plugs would be shot and the batteries would be dead.

Just my $0.02.


Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:57 pm
by mahenoguy
Good Points Humvee Driver , My lack of diesel Knowledge prevents me from even thinking of such things as Burned out Glowplugs . I would have to agree the Mack was out of fuel what ever happened ( I often wondered why Max was even checking the tanks as diesel would be useless to the Interceptor ) Is it possible to refine Diesel into Petrol ? (Apologies for my ignorance if this is an annoyingly stupid question ) If not , then maybe Max sees it as a tradeable commodity which would suggest places like Bartertown ( Or my theory that the Compound was once a trading post ) were common place . Also the fact that all the widows are up and unbroken points to the fact he died alone , not surrounded by Marauders . I've read your short story about the truck on your website and it sounds pretty plausable but I still believe he had a child with him as the toys etc in the debris seems quite deliberate . I'm pretty sure you can see the end of an arrow ( Flights included ) Sticking out the right side of his neck ( Just behind his ear ) as he falls from the cab ,Watch it in slow mo . The blue scarf around his neck could be a makeshift bandage suggesting he tried to press on after being wounded , but the downward angle of the arrow and the fact that it is embedded right up to the flights suggests the wound was fatal . The general ransacked appearance of the cargo suggests the Marauders did catch up with him ,following the truck at a safe distance like a wounded beast and attacking once it final swerved off the road , but possibly after the driver had already died . P.S I'm not as morbidly obsessed as I seem , It's just that i spent a couple of hours making the corpse for my Model and it got me thinking about him and how he got there

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:59 pm
by MadMatt
My Dad is a truck driver.... Big rigs dont have glow plugs. They start and run on pure compression alone. Small pickup trucks have glow plugs they dont have as high compression type motors. I think the truckdriver was attacked while fleeing the vermine and they got him and his fuel/usefull supplies anyway. I think the the music box simply reminded Max of his own kid and he was happy for a split second and then remmemberd he was in the world of shit. (as backed by the great score from Brian May) and finished his business with the fuel and takes off. Why would Max fret over a dead guy in the wastland he's seen it all anyway, he would have no reason to worry much about him.

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:20 pm
by mahenoguy
My point exactly , the lack of connection Max feels for the dead was I believe the reason for that scene . It lets us know straight up that Max is still unsympathetic to misery and death ( due to the death of his family and what he's seen since )
You may be right about Glow plugs but Humvee driver still has a point that the engine must have been shut down or the Batteries would be shot

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:33 pm
by MFP 2020
The extent of the driver's bloating (and overall juiciness) indicates to me he'd been dead maybe a week. But boy, would that cab need a pine tree air freshener. That could explain why the rig is still drivable, and why the air starter works (the tanks are still charged). Not that I know much about big rigs.

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:43 pm
by mahenoguy
God yeah , And max sits in it , and doesn't even roll the widow down . My father was also a truck driver and the smell of diesel and dust is very nostalgic to me , But it would take a shitload of diesel and dust to drown out the smell of Desert bloat

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:54 am
by Nightwalker
My knowledge about diesel engines isn't great either. But if the truck stopped because it ran out of fuel, Max shouldn't get it running again (that easy).
The problem with old diesel engines is, when it completely runs out of diesel and the system is empty, there will be air in the system after refueling. The vehicle has to be taken to a garage to bleed the air out of the system before it will run again.
How complicated this is I don't know.
And now I think of it, MadMatt is right. There are diesels that don't need glow plugs. I've worked at a tourist atraction for a while where they drove around with old steam and diesel locomotives. They also had these very small locomotives that where used for the underground small track in the old cole mines around here. Those locomotives have no glow plugs. Just push the start button and it ran. For the big diesels it was the same.

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:44 am
by MWFV8
If we look at the way Max behaves when he finds the tanker it would suggest some possible answers to points raised in this thread.

Max takes the music box, for no obvious practical reason. If Max had been found dead in his Interceptor shortly after would it have been right to assume he was travelling with a child, just because he was carrying a music box? So perhaps the Mack driver was just carrying it, like Max chose to.

Max checks the tanks quickly, I feel this is for three possible reasons. Firstly, as already mentioned, fuel is a valuable trade commodity. Secondly while it wouldn't be possible to convert it to petrol, it is a fuel source, Max needs to stay warm so diesel would have been welcome if only for campfires. Thirdly Max is in a perilous situation with his Interceptor (very low fuel), any drivable vehicle is a opportunity. It would be unwelcome and desperate but also practical to consider draining his Interceptor of fuel into a tank and transferring to the Mack.

It's worth considering that during the chase Max passes the wrecks of two other cars, one of which is burning. This is about 50 secs before he reaches the Mack, given the speed they are likely travelling I'd estimate there's a less than a mile between them. More on that later.

There is an arrow in the truck door and I believe at least one more which you can see as Max is studying the music box (perhaps the same one I'm not sure). They are embedded in the metal of the cab which suggests they were fired at a fast rate by something high powered.

The Mack appears to have been partially raided as they approach it, although this may be damage or just the framework failing. Apart from that it's complete, which considering the need to scavenge parts suggests to me it's either been there a reasonably short time or being left there while under supervision (i.e within an area the marauders control).

I'm not confident on ageing dead bodies but I am aware that the humid desert heat inside a truck cab would have sped up the decaying process. And that flies would cover the inside of the windows within days.

So based on this here's my personal interpretations:

Possible Back Story:
The truck was part of a convoy of survivors travelling with at least another two cars only a few days previous. They were travelling the route either to reach the compound or because it's a common/desirable route (hence why Max and the Mauraders have ended up there too). They had all their possessions loaded up into the Mack to keep, trade or simply burn as fuel. They entered and area patrolled by the marauders and like Max were suddenly pursued. Travelling in slower moving vehicles they were easily attacked with weapons resulting in two cars crashing and injuring the Mack driver. About a mile further down the road the Mack driver eventually succumbed to his injuries weaving over the road as he slipped out of conciousness. The Marauders drained any remaining diesel in the tanks and left the Mack parked there, planning to return with the diesel if they needed to drive it. (remember that moving it at all would waste precious fuel) The Marauders considered it theirs, spraying graffiti down the side and leaving the attacked body there for show. Since they patrolled and defended the area aggressively in the middle of nowhere they had no concern anything would happen to it, unlikely anyone will be passing with large quantities of diesel going spare and unlikely they'd escape the area in such a slow unarmed vehicle. Once in possession of the Mack Humongous decided he had the power-move he needed against the compound dwellers as he knew they have a tanker and no tractor unit to haul it with, hence trying to barter with their freedom the following day. Humongous is infuriated when Max steals the Mack from right under his nose the next day and orders the marauders to use the diesel to burn the compound dweller hostages that night.

Possible Artistic Statements:
The Mack wreck represents the existing civilisation, loaded up with domestic products and family items it displays what has become of reality. Brutally scavenged and left vandalised it's a stark representation of how things have become. It's an opportunity to show how Max has become a remorseless scavenger himself, however the music box scene shows there's a glimmer of good still deep down in him. This is reinforced by the way the word Earth is the only word painted on the tractor unit, the only part Max later goes back and salvages.

Re: Mack truck corpse

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:42 am
by HUMVEE Driver
I honestly didn't know that semi trucks don't HAVE to have glow plugs to run (compression instead). That's a little amazing.

Note how Max casually checks the tanks for fuel. He doesn't seem to care all that much if any is there or not. He might be able to trade it or use it to keep warm (like others said), but he didn't have any real use for it.

I think Max was the first one to come across the Mack. If marauders had stopped it, I'm sure they would have dragged the driver out (alive or not) and kicked him around a little. I can't imagine them looting the truck while just letting the driver sit there. Also, I doubt they would have put the caps back on the tanks if they looted the fuel.

Also, in the book, Max has to do some repairs to the Mack to get it functional again. I think the book mentions repairing some tires, but it could also infer that Max had to purge the air out of the empty fuel lines or whatever. He's a resourceful guy; he could do it.

Anyone notice that the Mack is the only vehicle (I think) that has it's name brand showing? And it's not just showing, it's right there, BAM, "MACK". Even the big bulldog hood ornament is prominently featured. I think George Miller really wanted to show the power of the semi truck, like there's no mistaking it. Ever since then Mack trucks have always been THE semi truck of choice for me.

One last point, in regard to the fires that we see burning near the Mack, if the fires were from tires, they will burn oily smoke for a long time, even days.